Comfort Food in Hard Times

Siena Geren  The Charter Features  4/18/20  In these days of social distancing, on-line learning, and nothing being normal, the simple distraction of back to basics time in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal can be a step in the direction of sanity.  This week The Charter will be starting a weekly column of recipes with the goal of providing our readers with just such a … Continue reading Comfort Food in Hard Times

Multnomah County Search and Rescue

Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 5/22/19   The team, MCSOSAR, is Multnomah County’s resource for Search and Rescue. Multnomah County Search and Rescue unit. They primarily do searches for lost hikers in the Columbia Gorge, urban searches in surrounding areas, and evidence searches. Multnomah County’s team is youth led and accepts applications from teens ages fourteen and up. If accepted, volunteers are required to complete an … Continue reading Multnomah County Search and Rescue

HOOPS Basketball

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 5/21/19 HOOPS is a homeschool basketball league that many students of Alliance Charter Academy take part in. Teams practice in Oregon City and Molalla, with games held at Clackamas Community College campus in Oregon City. HOOPS provides a Christian learning environment for improving and building skills and sportsmanship. HOOPS is run by dedicated volunteers: coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, paper/electronic … Continue reading HOOPS Basketball

ACA Chamber Ensemble Played at the Schnitz

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter News- 5/1/2019 This year, our school Chamber Ensemble played at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. They played at the Schnitz on Monday, March 18th. The ensemble was invited when Ms. Mersereau signed up for the Oregon Symphony administration to get the opportunity to play at the Schnitz. “Playing at the Schnitz is a great opportunity. You get to play in … Continue reading ACA Chamber Ensemble Played at the Schnitz

Suicide Prevention

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 3/14/19               Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US. During 2017 there were over 47,000 deaths from suicide in America, and suicide rates are increasing each year. People of all ages are unaware about the severity of the matter, which is why schools should prioritize educating its students and teachers on suicide and suicide prevention. There … Continue reading Suicide Prevention

Why They Should Remake the Transformers Movies

Transformers has been a loved franchise since the 1980s. What’s cooler than alien robots that can transform into practically anything? I grew up watching the transformers, the TV shows. I loved it so much. I was so excited when my dad finally let me see the live action movie that I had heard so much about. Little did I know, I would soon be disappointed. … Continue reading Why They Should Remake the Transformers Movies

Are Teachers Paid Enough?

By Miriam Lee The Charter News – 1/7/19 The debate on whether teachers are paid fairly or not has become quite the controversy. The average public school teacher is paid significantly more than the average private school teacher. However, both public and private school teachers are paid less than the average college graduate. And at ACA, a public charter school, it’s less than most public … Continue reading Are Teachers Paid Enough?

How Can ACA Benefit From Reading The Charter?

Journalism, many are divided upon what its use is and why we need it. Recently, there has been an uproar in calling out “fake news” in many journalist platforms. Even though the art of reporting and writing may be sketchy now a day’s, there are still many reasons on why we need journalism. About three years ago,an ACA teacher, Michael Lancaster decided to add a … Continue reading How Can ACA Benefit From Reading The Charter?

The Undefined Representative of ACA: the Display Case

By Hailey Fox The Charter Features – 12/17/18 The display case here at ACA seems random when compared to other schools display cases. However, every item in the case reflects how unique ACA is from all the other schools and shows what we value is different. The Trophies When you look at the other display cases at most other schools all you see are awards. … Continue reading The Undefined Representative of ACA: the Display Case

New Health Standards

By Rachel Shulikov The Charter News – 11/15/2018 The state health standards have been changed.  Now ACA is giving out new curriculum, but according to Drew Holland the curriculum hasn’t really changed Drew Holland, ACA’s health, PE, and middle school science teacher said, “The new health standards really haven’t changed that much from the old health standards. What has changed, however, is the amount of … Continue reading New Health Standards

Drama Junior Performs “The Jungle Book”

Olivia Silbernagel The Charter News Students and parents alike gathered in the ACA gym to follow Mowgli’s story and learn about the bear necessities of life. Drama Junior’s rendition of The Jungle Book was performed on February 2 and 3 as well as a lunchtime preview on February 1. Prior to the performance Tap I and II classes performed a routine set to “I Wanna … Continue reading Drama Junior Performs “The Jungle Book”