ACA Holiday Bazaar

Madalena Larkins The Charter News – 11/18/19 ACA is hosting a holiday bazaar—on campus—on Friday December 6th and Saturday December 7th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  There will be a variety of vendors,  both student and local, as well as a bake sale, kids crafts area, raffle, food, and live music performed by ACA musicians.   There will be 30+ vendors (as of 11-11-19) who will … Continue reading ACA Holiday Bazaar

ACA and the Phone Dilemma

By: Alyssa DiLoreto – 5/20/19 The ACA admin is really wanting to work on reinforcing the phone policy. It’s a pretty hard subject that is argued on a lot. Cell phones are big problems for many schools. Students sometimes forget that they are not usually allowed to have their phones out during class. Here at ACA we have a phone policy in place that some … Continue reading ACA and the Phone Dilemma

Hercules Livens Up the Poetree

By Matthias Armstrong The Charter News – 4/5/19 The Poetree has been given new “life” and decoration through Hercules, a taxidermied squirrel whose purpose is to get more students of all ages interested in the writing poems. The squirrel was placed on the poetree, which is just outside room 210 in the main hallway, around a month ago, and his purpose is to intrigue students … Continue reading Hercules Livens Up the Poetree

ACA Joins Marker Recycling Organization

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 02/23/19 Striving to become a more eco friendly school, ACA is pushing to find new ways of recycling, reusing, and reducing. Their current goal? To keep markers out of landfill, and find a way to reuse them.   Study hall teacher, Merrie Miller stumbled upon a program called ColorCycle which is facilitated by Crayola. ColorCycle is a marker … Continue reading ACA Joins Marker Recycling Organization