Social Studies Classes 2019-2020

Jack Taggart The Charter News 5/20/20 Covering a broad demographic of subjects and issues, the social studies classes of the 2019-2020 school year have been interesting to say the least. From the judicial system to the history of the Vietnam War, the students have been exposed to a variety of new subjects. Chris Stilwell, who taught Modern World History and Sociology, said, of the classes, … Continue reading Social Studies Classes 2019-2020

COVID-19’s Effect on Healthcare

Cheyenna Hall The Charter News 5/11/20 During the current COVID-19 Pandemic everyone’s focus has been on staying home and therefore healthy.  A lot of the following  questions have not been answered: Is it safe to go outside? Should we refrain from going to the doctors? Are you putting yourself and your family in danger if you go to the store? What should we be doing … Continue reading COVID-19’s Effect on Healthcare

What Will Be On The Ballot For Oregon’s May 19th Primary Election?

Madalena Larkins  The Charter News 5/7/20 Statewide primary and general elections happen every two years in Oregon, and the contents of Oregon’s May 19th  primary election ballots will vary, as voters will receive different ballots depending on how they’re registered to vote.  The state of Oregon has closed primary elections, which means that those registered as a member of a political party will be able … Continue reading What Will Be On The Ballot For Oregon’s May 19th Primary Election?

What Will Graduation Look Like For ACA Seniors?

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 5/4/20 The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown graduation ceremony plans up in the air, leaving school administrators around the world to figure out how best to celebrate their graduating classes.  ACA sent out a survey to seniors and their parents, asking for their opinions on how best to celebrate ACA’s class of 2020, given the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic.  Respondents … Continue reading What Will Graduation Look Like For ACA Seniors?

ACA Rolls out New Leadership Class

Jack Taggart The Charter News 5/2/20 A close look at the course list for the 2020-2021 ACA school year will reveal that a new class will be available to highschoolers: Leadership.  The idea for the class came about when Mrs. Gerstner first became an ES at ACA, at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  Gerstner was concerned that some of her new ES students … Continue reading ACA Rolls out New Leadership Class

ODE Releases New Guidelines for Awarding Grades And Credit to Students

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 4/30/20 State officials released new policies for awarding grades and credit to students in grades K-11, amid the ongoing school closure.  Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released an announcement on April 15th, stating: “Students who demonstrate evidence of essential learning by the end of the spring 2020 term, shall receive a ‘Pass’ and the corresponding course credit.” During the second … Continue reading ODE Releases New Guidelines for Awarding Grades And Credit to Students

Defunct: Live Updates: Coronavirus, April 23rd — May 24th

This Page is no longer updated– it will be superseded by The Charter’s reopening live updates page. Tazwell Brandabur The Charter News Last updated 5/24/20 at 4:30 PM PT The Pandemic At a Glance: Cases: Deaths: Jump to: Latest: Worldwide: 5,453,399 345,077 Current Policy On May 15th, Governor Kate Brown allowed almost all Oregon counties outside the Portland metro area to U.S. 1,673,678 98,831 State … Continue reading Defunct: Live Updates: Coronavirus, April 23rd — May 24th

OCSD Bans Most Forms Of Communication Between Students And Teachers.

Tazwell Brandabur The Charter News 4/22/20 ACA, like all Oregon schools, has been operating virtually in response to the ongoing pandemic since March 16th. In the weeks after the closure, instant messaging like Hangouts Chat and video conferencing services like Zoom and Google Hangouts quickly became a fixture of ACA’s distanced learning strategy. That changed on April 13th. A memo released on April 10th by … Continue reading OCSD Bans Most Forms Of Communication Between Students And Teachers.

Comfort Food in Hard Times

Siena Geren  The Charter Features  4/18/20  In these days of social distancing, on-line learning, and nothing being normal, the simple distraction of back to basics time in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal can be a step in the direction of sanity.  This week The Charter will be starting a weekly column of recipes with the goal of providing our readers with just such a … Continue reading Comfort Food in Hard Times

Governor Brown Lets Seniors Graduate Amid Ongoing School Closure

Madalena Larkins  The Charter News 4/15/20 “It wasn’t our choice to start a pandemic our senior year, and we don’t deserve to not graduate because of it,” announced Paige Stickney, an ACA senior. On April 8th, Governor Brown announced that all schools in Oregon would remain closed for the remainder of the academic year, and distance learning would continue for all students not in the … Continue reading Governor Brown Lets Seniors Graduate Amid Ongoing School Closure

ACA Student Creates Group Chat With More Than 150 Students

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 4/9/20 Twelve year old Levi Reynolds was at home without much to do after schools closed due to COVID-19. This resulted in him creating a group chat on Google Hangouts, which ended up having 167 members. “I made it because I was bored,” says Levi. It started out with around 12 kids from ACA that he knew, and one former … Continue reading ACA Student Creates Group Chat With More Than 150 Students

A Straight-Up DIY Mask Update:

The CDC says go ahead and make one. Tazwell Brandabur The Charter News 4/9/20 After several months of discouraging the use of masks by the general public, federal health officials now recommend that citizens wear improvised masks while “in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” The announcement came from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on April 4th. … Continue reading A Straight-Up DIY Mask Update:

ACA Distributes Supplementary Materials, Equipment to Students on Fridays

To provide Distance Learning for All during the extended school closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACA administrative team worked with onsite classroom teachers to gather and organize materials. Those materials were distributed to students and parents during a carefully orchestrated drive-through, curbside pick-up, Friday, April 3. Another pick-up day is planned for Friday, April 10, alphabetically in 1/2-hour increments between 9-11:30am. See below … Continue reading ACA Distributes Supplementary Materials, Equipment to Students on Fridays

COVID-19 Updates– Defunct

Everything you need to know about the Coronavirus, updated daily. Tazwell Brandabur The Charter News 4/21/20 The ongoing outbreak of the SARS-CoV2 virus has given rise to an information storm, as news organizations, social media platforms, and governments scramble to keep the public informed. Much of this coverage has proven false.  This page will be updated daily to include the most recent, accurate information about the … Continue reading COVID-19 Updates– Defunct

Students React to School Closure

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 3/19/20 Nearly 600,000 public school students in Oregon are out of school. This comes on March 17th, after Governor Kate Brown announced that all public schools must close and remain closed until April 28th, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The decision of whether or not to reopen schools will continue to be re-evaluated.  ACA students had mixed feelings about the … Continue reading Students React to School Closure

Oregon Legislative Session Adjourns Prematurely After Republican Legislators Boycott Cap And Trade Vote

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 3/9/20 On Monday February 24th, Republicans in the Oregon state legislature participated in a walk out in an attempt to kill the cap and trade bill, a piece of climate legislation that would require fuel companies to pay for greenhouse gas emissions. They have not returned to the Capitol since. This prevented the chamber from voting, as two thirds of … Continue reading Oregon Legislative Session Adjourns Prematurely After Republican Legislators Boycott Cap And Trade Vote

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club at ACA

By: Chloe Lute ACA’s Gender Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, has recently been reinstituted for the 2019/20 school year. The founder of the club believes it is perfect for anybody looking for somewhere where they can express themselves comfortably.  Gender Sexuality Alliance would be defined as the state of everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, being joined or associated.  The GSA meets Tuesdays during lunch, in … Continue reading Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club at ACA

Underused Power-up Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s noon, and most of ACA is going on break. Ann Heppner isn’t. Instead, she’s preparing for what many ESes describe as a “tremendously helpful” class, one that can be “miraculously beneficial” for students’ grades. Mrs. Heppner walks into the classroom and greets her  two-person class. This is business as usual for any one of ACA’s “Lunch and Learns.”  The Lunch and Learn program has … Continue reading Underused Power-up Hiding in Plain Sight

ACA’s Lego Robotics Club

Jack Taggart The Charter News 11/18/19 ACA’s Lego Robotics club got started when Tara McLaughlin, Lego team coach and mother of two ACA students considered starting a Lego team at ACA, similar to the one she and her children had participated in at a school they previously attended. “I thought a homeschool environment could really benefit from [a] robotics outlet… I know how many kids … Continue reading ACA’s Lego Robotics Club

ACA Holiday Bazaar

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 11/18/19 ACA is hosting a holiday bazaar—on campus—on Friday December 6th and Saturday December 7th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  There will be a variety of vendors,  both student and local, as well as a bake sale, kids crafts area, raffle, food, and live music performed by ACA musicians.   There will be 30+ vendors (as of 11-11-19) who will be … Continue reading ACA Holiday Bazaar

Beginning Band Class Created

Haladar Wright The Charter News Feature 11/18/19 You may hear the musical sounds of wind instruments emanating from room 114 on Mondays and Wednesdays. ACA has created a new class, the Beginning Band. It’s purpose is to teach students wind instruments and bring Band music to ACA. Valerie Johnson, the director of the class, created it to teach more instruments. “There was no music class … Continue reading Beginning Band Class Created

ACA’s Many Committees

Cheyenna Hall The Charter News 11/18/2019 ACA has many committees that staff members are involved in. Some are for the staff and some are more beneficial for the students. Staff members are the people who run the committees. There are many committees and each of them are different and do different things.  “The purpose of committees are to focus on school improvement. To support the … Continue reading ACA’s Many Committees

ACA’s Fall Concerts are Just Around the Corner

by: Chloe Lute Students at Alliance Charter Academy are tuning their instruments and shining their dress shoes for the quickly arriving music showcase weekend. The students, teachers, and parents are anxiously awaiting the music filled weekend. The students have been working hard in preparation for the showcases. Kiera McKay, grade seven, says “It makes me nervous and excited at the same time, nervous about being … Continue reading ACA’s Fall Concerts are Just Around the Corner

Student Starts Dungeons & Dragons Club

Rebecca Burton The Charter News 10/30/19 You can now see dragons, elves, and witches roaming the halls of ACA! This year the school has added a new club, the dungeons and dragons club where people can discuss their favorite characters and levels. Come as you explore the world of dungeons and dragons. This club is for the inspired dungeons and dragons players who want to … Continue reading Student Starts Dungeons & Dragons Club

Astrobiology Brings Strange Visitor To ACA

Tazwell Brandabur The Charter Features 21 Oct. 2019. On October 21st, Mr Holland’s PE class found the gym invaded by a faintly humming silver dome, 20 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. Fortunately, this was no alien invasion of ACA, but rather the Starlab, a mobile observatory and planetarium, brought in by Mr. Lancaster’s Astrobiology class to teach constellations and planetary science. “Constellations serve … Continue reading Astrobiology Brings Strange Visitor To ACA

ACA’s New Counselor Mrs. Heinsoo

Cheyenna Hall The Charter News 10/28/19 Mrs. Alicia Heinsoo, ACA’s new counselor has been meeting with the students of ACA since the beginning of this school year. Mrs. Heinsoo states that she has “striven to provide a safe space for all students to feel respected and comfortable.” Although many students already have regular meetings with her there are also some slots in Mrs. Heinsoos schedule … Continue reading ACA’s New Counselor Mrs. Heinsoo

Stephanie Young Takes School Pictures

Madalena Larkins The Charter News 10/28/19 School pictures were different this year. Stephanie Young—a longtime ACA parent—took school pictures, instead of someone outside of ACA, like we’ve had in past years. It seems that there was an overall positive reaction to the new photographer and backdrop. Young chose to take the pictures outside in front of the bricks instead of doing them inside with a gray … Continue reading Stephanie Young Takes School Pictures

New Choir Teacher Hired

Tracey Edson, the new choir director, was just hired.  For the past month, the choir program at ACA has not had a teacher.  Several students interviewed expressed great excitement and happiness that Edson is here. Ashton Scott, a Junior, expressed feelings of surprise that Mrs. Edwards  hadn’t returned, but says he is still committed to making the choir program fun. Lauren True, a Junior, says … Continue reading New Choir Teacher Hired

Senior Prank or Legacy Project?

By: Cheyenna Hall Since the first day of grade school, to the awkwardness of middle school, through challenging high school and finally to senior year, seniors have been getting ready to go out into the world and give it their best, ready to prove that they have what it takes to go anywhere and accomplish anything. Even though sometimes they get a little ahead of … Continue reading Senior Prank or Legacy Project?

Back to School

Jack Taggart  The Charter News  10/2/19 It’s that time of year again, as teachers, parents, and students set the ball rolling with the new 2019-2020 school year. And with more than fifty million students enrolled, (according to the National Center for Education Statistics), this is  not only a big adjustment for the public school system, but also an adjustment for many students, parents, and teachers. … Continue reading Back to School

Other Jobs ACA Staff Do

Madalena Larkins The Charter Features 10/2/19      A recent poll of ACA staff members was conducted and sixty eight percent of staff polled had additional sources of income outside of ACA. Only thirty four percent said that they wanted only one job, so about half the staff polled who had another income enjoyed doing two jobs.  Also, sixty seven percent of staff polled said that they … Continue reading Other Jobs ACA Staff Do

Student Planners: So Far, So Good

Tazwell Brandabur The Charter News 9/30/19 Much of success, both in school and later life, depends upon a set of critical skills known as executive functioning. These skills include scheduling, time management, and prioritization, which are all essential for staying organized.  With this in mind, ACA hired Karin Bright, an executive function coach based in Portland, to help students, and to help teachers help students. … Continue reading Student Planners: So Far, So Good

ACA and the Phone Dilemma

By: Alyssa DiLoreto – 5/20/19 The ACA admin is really wanting to work on reinforcing the phone policy. It’s a pretty hard subject that is argued on a lot. Cell phones are big problems for many schools. Students sometimes forget that they are not usually allowed to have their phones out during class. Here at ACA we have a phone policy in place that some … Continue reading ACA and the Phone Dilemma

Rummage Sale

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 5/21/19 An annual spring rummage sale is one of ACA’s traditions used to raise money for the school, as well as other charities. Families bring in donations and are able to volunteer to help plan, organize, and run the sale. The rummage was started as a fundraiser by the Parent Action Team. Donations of clothes, books, children’ toys, kitchenware, and … Continue reading Rummage Sale

Drama Club Performs The Tempest

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 05/20/19 “Ten minutes!” Drama Club director, Paul Angelo shouts. “Thank you ten minutes,” the cast shouts back, some still pouring some last minute glitter on their costumes. The tension of anticipation builds until at last they are on stage and the curtain reels back. Drama Club has put on a variety of performances in the last several years; … Continue reading Drama Club Performs The Tempest

School Counselor Leaving ACA

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter News – 5/15/2019 ACA’s school counselor, Maryann Remburgs, is leaving and won’t be our counselor anymore next year. “It has been really awesome being here at ACA, and I really loved the people. The people here are really fabulous, so that’s why it was such a hard decision to leave,” said Remsburg. After Mark Silverman passed away, Remsburg knew someone … Continue reading School Counselor Leaving ACA

Goodbye ACA, Hello Singapore!

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 05/01/19 Expanding your horizons doesn’t mean moving to Singapore for everyone, but for ACA’s art teacher, Todd Ingham, it does. After this school year ends, Ingham will not be returning to ACA because he, his wife and two sons are moving 8,283 miles away to Singapore. Ingham’s wife, who has been wanting to do an international job for … Continue reading Goodbye ACA, Hello Singapore!

The Red Cross Comes to ACA for Our Blood

By Matthias Armstrong The Charter News – 5/1/19 Saving three lives isn’t what most ACA students consider doing on a typical school day, but May 15 won’t be a typical day. The reason ACA and many high schools put on these blood drives is quite simple; it saves lives. According to the Community Blood Center and the Red Cross approximately 37 percent of the US … Continue reading The Red Cross Comes to ACA for Our Blood

Chemistry Class Sparks Reaction

By Miriam Lee The Charter News – 4/10/19 Student class schedules for 2019-2020 will be out this May, and high schoolers may be anticipating the new Chemistry class. The question is, which lucky sixteen students will be accepted into the class? Although Chemistry has been offered in the past, for middle schoolers and once for high schoolers, it hasn’t been an ongoing class at ACA … Continue reading Chemistry Class Sparks Reaction

Hercules Livens Up the Poetree

By Matthias Armstrong The Charter News – 4/5/19 The Poetree has been given new “life” and decoration through Hercules, a taxidermied squirrel whose purpose is to get more students of all ages interested in the writing poems. The squirrel was placed on the poetree, which is just outside room 210 in the main hallway, around a month ago, and his purpose is to intrigue students … Continue reading Hercules Livens Up the Poetree

ACA Student to Play At Ten Grands

By Sydney Starr The Charter News – 4/10/19 On April 19th and 20th, ACA Junior Rachel Modlin will be performing with the Ten Grands piano concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Families can sign up at the welcome desk to reserve their seats for the show. Modlin’s Journey to Ten Grands Modlin explains her piano history: “I started when I was six with a … Continue reading ACA Student to Play At Ten Grands

ACA Joins Marker Recycling Organization

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 02/23/19 Striving to become a more eco friendly school, ACA is pushing to find new ways of recycling, reusing, and reducing. Their current goal? To keep markers out of landfill, and find a way to reuse them.   Study hall teacher, Merrie Miller stumbled upon a program called ColorCycle which is facilitated by Crayola. ColorCycle is a marker … Continue reading ACA Joins Marker Recycling Organization

The Zaniac Shakes Things Up

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 03/15/19 Parent Action Team invited, Alex Zerbe, “The Zaniac,” to perform and entertain at an assembly. The Zaniac is comedian, juggler, magician, and educator. He first stepped into fame when he attended America’s Got Talent, back in season two. He now has his own shows and assemblies at schools and festivals. On Wednesday, March 6th, The Zaniac had … Continue reading The Zaniac Shakes Things Up

Welcome New Playground

By Miriam Lee The Charter News — 3/8/19 As you may have noticed, Alliance Charter Academy has a new playground and it’s ready for play. The previous playground was burned down, and authorities say it was arson. See “Arsonist Burns Down Our Playground” by Rylie Young for more details. An estimated $15,000 worth of equipment was lost in the fire, according to Young’s story, and … Continue reading Welcome New Playground

The Evening of the Spoken Word

By Matthias Armstrong The Charter News – 2/22/19 From the wide taste of literature to the smell of pizza and popcorn, readers and watchers alike seemed to have fun at this ACA event called “The Evening of the Spoken Word.” The library was filled with event goers, and the readings showed it with a wide variety of poems, writings, and excerpts being read including the … Continue reading The Evening of the Spoken Word

The Monday Lunch and Learn

By: Alyssa DiLoreto Science tends to be a complicated subject and class time can’t always cover all the content. At ACA, some of the teachers noticed students struggling in their classes. That’s why the Monday Lunch and Learn was created. The Monday Lunch and Learn is in room 207 (the science room) from 12-12:30pm. The teachers Ann Heppner and Denise Monte are in the room … Continue reading The Monday Lunch and Learn

Mr. Toth’s Hobby: Crabbing

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter News Briefs- 2/25/2019 Besides being a math teacher at ACA, Mr. Toth enjoys crabbing. Mr. Toth thinks crabbing is “fun and easy.”  His dream is to go to the coast, catch crabs, oysters and make tacos. Some of the places Mr. Toth goes crabbing to are Tillamook Bay, Netarts Bay and Astoria. His family usually goes crabbing at bays because … Continue reading Mr. Toth’s Hobby: Crabbing

2019 – 2020 Class Schedule is Expected To Be Released Early

By Sydney Starr The Charter News – 2/27/19 The first draft of the 2019 – 2020 class schedule has been sent out to teachers just over a month earlier than last year. This means the final draft is on track to be released to students and families almost a month sooner than last year. Diana Brainerd, lead ES, associate director, and member of the administrative … Continue reading 2019 – 2020 Class Schedule is Expected To Be Released Early

Bathroom redo

The Charter News – 2/5/2019 Rachel Shulikov In December, during the winter break, several students, with supervision of adults, redecorated a part of both bathrooms on the upstairs floor. One of the students that helped redo the bathrooms, Paige Stickney said,  “We repainted the doors to help bring a more positive attitude to ACA and give students something positive to look at after the break.” … Continue reading Bathroom redo

How to Donate to ACA’s Library

By Sydney Starr The Charter News Feature – 01/24/19 Like many of us, you may have boxes of cast off books sitting in your garage collecting dust (and mold), from your KonMari tidying frenzy. You’ve been meaning to donate them for months, but you have no idea how to go about it. Thankfully Jennifer Hitchcock, ACA’s librarian, sat down and explained how you should donate … Continue reading How to Donate to ACA’s Library

ACA’s Testing Scores

By Hailey Fox Charter Newsroom – 11/14/2018 Last year when the students at ACA took the science OAKS test, the 11th graders fell short of the district by 0.2 percent. According to administration, the charter by ACA has a clause that states ACA will always exceed the OCSD (Oregon City School District) in state testing scores. Since the scores were lower compared to OCSD’s scores, … Continue reading ACA’s Testing Scores

New Long Term Guitar Substitute

By: Alyssa DiLoreto After we said goodbye to ACA’s guitar/ukulele teacher, a new one came in and taught/prepared the classes for the Winter Concert.  When the previous guitar teacher left, it took ACA a while to find someone to replace him. Within a few weeks they found Brady Heinsoo, who was willing to step in. “My little sister Hallie goes here.” Says Mr Heinsoo, “She … Continue reading New Long Term Guitar Substitute

Voters Approve

By Miriam Lee The Charter News – 11/16/18 New students, new staff, a new school? A district-wide bond proposal has been approved by voters. As a result, ACA along with other schools in the district, will be undergoing modifications, which should be complete within the next five years. “The updated plumbing and the HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] system will be awesome—we might feel … Continue reading Voters Approve

ACA launched a new website design

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 11/16/18 Alliance Charter Academy launched a new and improved official website. The website is live and constantly being updated to display current and relevant information about our school and the upcoming events, that prospective and attending families need to know. This look, which was launched on October 30th, is a welcomed update from the previous design that was … Continue reading ACA launched a new website design

New Spanish Speaking Group

By Matthias Armstrong The Charter News – 11/09/18 A new Spanish speaking group has formed at ACA, and its goal is to build a learning Spanish speaking community within ACA. Starting every Tuesday, at lunch, the new spanish group will be meeting in the speech room to converse and learn new things, for instance grammar and vocabulary in Spanish. People already in the group have … Continue reading New Spanish Speaking Group

ACA’s New Positive Impact Team

By Sydney Starr The Charter News – 11/14/18 An Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) student has created a new action group, the Positive Impact Team. This group is focused on making the school more environmentally friendly and positive for students and families. Team Information and Goals The team will be having meetings every other week on Tuesdays during lunch, the location is to be determined. Rylie … Continue reading ACA’s New Positive Impact Team

Family Study Hall

By Evalina Shulikov  The Charter News- 11/14/18 Looking for a good place to study? This year our school has a family study hall. It is located downstairs, the room next to the preschool classroom. It is the perfect place for students and parents to study and do their homework. It is available Monday-Thursday from 9:00-12:00 in the morning.    According to parents and students that … Continue reading Family Study Hall

Student Turnover

By MacKenzie Waterman Usually Alliance Charter Academy has an extensive wait list, but since many students left last year we were able to get through the entire waitlist and still have fourteen spots open. “I just find it interesting that we’ve had a higher turnover than normal.” said Seanna Bloemer, ACA’s Director and a former ES. The school can’t deny access to anyone but, they … Continue reading Student Turnover

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Mark Silverman.

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 10/31/18 This school year, ACA has undergone major staff changes with staff leaving and new staff joining. Last year’s counselor, Megan Coggins, left to spend time with her new baby. In her place, this year is Mark Silverman. Mark Silverman, ACA’s new counselor, states “I really value diversity and inclusive environments where people regardless of where they come … Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Mark Silverman.

ACA and The Father’s Heart Ministry

  By Matthias Armstrong For almost a year ACA has been helping with The Father’s Heart Street Ministry to tackle the problem of homelessness and people in need around Oregon City, but our contributions and involvement are just beginning.    Many people at ACA are unaware of our involvement with the Father’s Heart Street Ministry but this amazing story and cause deserves the attention of … Continue reading ACA and The Father’s Heart Ministry

Julie Swanson’s New Position

By Rachel Shulikov Since Jill Mohr stepped down from her part-time lead teacher position a couple months ago, we’re well into this school year with Julie Swanson as our new lead teacher. Swanson qualified for the job and is now ACA’s new lead teacher. Swanson started off as a teacher, she taught high school Language Arts and also was an ES.  When she heard about … Continue reading Julie Swanson’s New Position

EF Educational Tour to Spain and France

Sydney Starr The Charter News In June 2019, Chad Wynne, ACA’s Social Sciences department head, will be leading a small group of two students and one mom, on an educational tour through Spain and France. This tour group is unusually small, Wynne says “We are a very small group, and so it’s just me, two students, and one of those student’s mom’s. I was hoping … Continue reading EF Educational Tour to Spain and France

ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance

By Hailey Fox The Drama Club at ACA has done many plays, some original, and some classics. This year, they will be performing The Tempest, a play written by William Shakespeare. There are a lot of students in the play this year, Liberty Cox is one of those students. Cox plays Miranda, the main character’s daughter. According to Cox, “My Boo” is Ian Sofich. He … Continue reading ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance

Harvest Dance 2018

By: MIRIAM LEE 10/24/18 ACA’s annual Harvest Dance—previously organized by parents—has been taken over by the students. Get ready for a night of music, dancing, treats, and spooky decorations. The ACA newsletter states that this year’s dance will be held in the ACA cafeteria from 7:00-10:00pm, on October 26th. According to Hallie McMillan, one of the student organizers, grades 7th-12th can pre-order tickets for $5 … Continue reading Harvest Dance 2018

Bucks For Buckets

By Alyssa DiLoreto – 10/24/18 Portland is long overdue for a large earthquake but if the Bucks for Buckets fundraiser does it’s job, ACA will be better prepared if and when the “big one” strikes. Earthquakes and other natural disasters have hurt so many people, and broken so many lives due to unpreparedness. This year, Oregon City School District is working on being prepared for … Continue reading Bucks For Buckets

The Book Nook

By Mackenzie Waterman Note: Author has familial connections to the subject of the story. Owning a bookstore has always been a dream that Megan and Paul Waterman shared. In December of 2017, their dream came true, they opened “The Book Nook”. The name comes from a quote from Longfellow. “The love of learning, the sequestered nooks. And all the sweet serenity of Books.” Megan and … Continue reading The Book Nook

Kim Kruger Leaves ACA

By Sydney Starr The Charter News As the 2018-2019 school year starts for families at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) there will be one less familiar face there, Kim Kruger, The Curriculum Manager, has left her job. Karen Downing, who worked with Kruger as the Curriculum Assistant, has now transitioned to working full time as the new Curriculum Manager. In addition, ACA has hired a parent, … Continue reading Kim Kruger Leaves ACA

Arsonist Burns Down Our Playground

By RYLIE YOUNG – 08/03/18 On August 13th, at approximately 2 am, the Oregon City Police Department and Clackamas Fire arrived at Park Place Elementary to find the school’s playground engulfed in flames. The fire was contained and put out quickly. However, it wasn’t before an estimated $15,000 worth of playground equipment was burned, along with two picnic benches. After further investigation, the authorities discovered … Continue reading Arsonist Burns Down Our Playground

Photo taken by Michael Lancaster

Farewell, Phillips

  By: MIRIAM LEE 10/03/18   Suzanne Edwards is taking over all the choirs, piano and marimba. Valerie Johnson is teaching drums and creativity. — Seanna Bloemer, ACA Director Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) has lost their multi-talented music teacher. Students are at a loss, missing their beloved teacher, but also missing their friend. Margie Phillips, former instructor at ACA, now works full-time at Elmonica Elementary School … Continue reading Farewell, Phillips

Late Policy Reform

By Matthias Armstrong A change sweeps across ACA classrooms and it comes in the form of the late policy, and so far it has met favorable reviews. Not all classes have had major changes but a few have embraced a new policy and students and teachers are already seeing the difference. Teachers this year have reworked and reworded their late policies to better convey their … Continue reading Late Policy Reform

New Director: Seanna Bloemer

By Alyssa DiLoreto Meet Seanna Seanna Bloemer is not just the new director of ACA, she’s also a friend, wife and mother of two ACA graduates. Her favorite pastimes are hiking and reading. Bloemer has been working at our school for twelve years, and an Education Specialist (ES) for eleven years before her new position. She absolutely adores helping, guiding and working with her students … Continue reading New Director: Seanna Bloemer

Director takes new job, Compliance Officer retires

By Kenzie Waterman As this school year is coming to the end, unfortunately so is some of our staff’s time here. Vicki Nelson and Nic Chapin are leaving the school and will not be returning next year. Vicki Nelson is the Compliance Officer at Alliance Charter Academy, since September of 2011. “As Registrar and Compliance Officer, I maintain the staff and student database and am … Continue reading Director takes new job, Compliance Officer retires

Come to the Dark Side – CWI Saving Money, One Bulb At a Time.

By RYLIE YOUNG – 05/02/18  Join the dark side and turn off the lights! This year’s Contemporary World Issues class is small with only eight Freshman/Sophomore students, but they are making a difference. The class is trying to promote the use of natural lights within your school. The class believes our school waste an excessive amount of artificial light, and if we relied more on … Continue reading Come to the Dark Side – CWI Saving Money, One Bulb At a Time.

Alliance Charter Academy’s 2018 Graduation Ceremony

By Luke Burton, The Charter News As our seniors move on to bigger and better things we come together to celebrate at graduation. This year, graduation is at Jackson Campus on June 2nd, at 6:00pm. During the graduation ceremony the graduates have each asked a teacher or parent to hand them their diploma and give up to a one minute speech. These speeches usually include … Continue reading Alliance Charter Academy’s 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Destination: Globals

BY CONSTANTINE VANSICKLE Alliance Charter Academy’s very own Destination Imagination (DI) team is heading to globals! Advancing to globals is a huge achievement for such a small team and they are looking forward to representing the State of Oregon at the Global competition at the University of Tennessee on May 23rd through May 27th. But going to globals also has a financial toll. That’s why … Continue reading Destination: Globals

Possible changes to testing weeks

By, Elizabeth Tarsia  As you all might have noticed state testing might have seemed shorter from previous years. Well some changes have been made to the tests themselves and to the prep needed for certain subjects. Before this last testing session there were lessons that needed to be taught previous to taking state tests. Those lessons have been taken away and the test consists of … Continue reading Possible changes to testing weeks

Recalled Romaine

By Colin Hughes If you just came home from the grocery store with a head of romaine lettuce, you’d better get rid of it. There’s an outbreak of E. coli causing almost 150 people to fall sick in 29 states where people eat romaine lettuce. A subsequent study between March 13th and April 25th of 2018 showed that romaine lettuce may be contaminated with E. … Continue reading Recalled Romaine