ACA Hot Lunches

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter Photojournalism- 3/11/2019 ACA sells hot lunches everyday of the week. From pizza to baked potatoes, from soup to nachos, there hot lunches waiting for you in the cafeteria during lunch. “The Snack Shack Coordinator and PAT President typically work together to price items, but the Snack Shack Coordinator has more insight since they are shopping or coordinating the shoppers to … Continue reading ACA Hot Lunches

The Zaniac Shakes Things Up

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 03/15/19 Parent Action Team invited, Alex Zerbe, “The Zaniac,” to perform and entertain at an assembly. The Zaniac is comedian, juggler, magician, and educator. He first stepped into fame when he attended America’s Got Talent, back in season two. He now has his own shows and assemblies at schools and festivals. On Wednesday, March 6th, The Zaniac had … Continue reading The Zaniac Shakes Things Up

Meet the Autism Service Dogs Training at ACA

By Sydney Starr The Charter Features – 3/11/19 You’ve likely seen two adorable white/golden dogs strutting around campus sporting green ASDA (Autism Service Dogs of America) vests — who are they? Stella Stella is a two-year-old labrador, poodle, and golden retriever mix. Trainer Jill Mohr remarks, “Stella is a more bold, curious, loving Labradoodle.” And Grana Khan, a student trainer, says a quirk of Stella’s … Continue reading Meet the Autism Service Dogs Training at ACA

ACA Student Saves Endangered Wildlife

By Rylie Young The Charter Features – 12/12/18 Milarae Rymsza, a sixth grade ACA student, is just twelve and has already raised hundreds of dollars for wildlife. Milarae loves to paint, and she loves animals. She is a soft spoken person, but her actions speak louder than words. For the past six years she has combined these passions by painting pictures and selling them, giving … Continue reading ACA Student Saves Endangered Wildlife

How to Donate to ACA’s Library

By Sydney Starr The Charter News Feature – 01/24/19 Like many of us, you may have boxes of cast off books sitting in your garage collecting dust (and mold), from your KonMari tidying frenzy. You’ve been meaning to donate them for months, but you have no idea how to go about it. Thankfully Jennifer Hitchcock, ACA’s librarian, sat down and explained how you should donate … Continue reading How to Donate to ACA’s Library

Should You Crack Open a Real Book?

By Sydney Starr The Charter Opinions – 1/10/19 In this day and age it can feel as though reading a paper book is all but obsolete. But, there is good reason to crack open a real book. I think paper books provide an experience that digital books just can’t match. And, studies show that a majority of people prefer paper books, and reading from paper … Continue reading Should You Crack Open a Real Book?

Would you homeschool your future kids?/ Why did you homeschool your kids?

By Rylie Young Charter-Ed Territory – 12/17/18 Elliot Lute, a Kindergartener: *nods* “Because I can teach them stuff” Benjamin Coleman, a freshman, who has been going to ACA 12 years: “In the future? Probably not. If I homeschooled them for 12 years, I feel like they need to change just like a normal person would do. They go from elementary to middle, to a high … Continue reading Would you homeschool your future kids?/ Why did you homeschool your kids?

The Shoes That Live

By Sydney Starr The Charter Features – 12/14/18 Everyone at ACA has walked by them at least once, probably many times a day without noticing. The shoes have been in the display case for 10 years—ever since Colin Couch designed them through the Doernbecher Freestyle program. How The Shoes Were Designed Couch was a student at ACA, and he graduated in 2009. Along with the … Continue reading The Shoes That Live

ACA’s New Positive Impact Team

By Sydney Starr The Charter News – 11/14/18 An Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) student has created a new action group, the Positive Impact Team. This group is focused on making the school more environmentally friendly and positive for students and families. Team Information and Goals The team will be having meetings every other week on Tuesdays during lunch, the location is to be determined. Rylie … Continue reading ACA’s New Positive Impact Team

Family Study Hall

By Evalina Shulikov  The Charter News- 11/14/18 Looking for a good place to study? This year our school has a family study hall. It is located downstairs, the room next to the preschool classroom. It is the perfect place for students and parents to study and do their homework. It is available Monday-Thursday from 9:00-12:00 in the morning.    According to parents and students that … Continue reading Family Study Hall

“Who is someone in the ACA community that you are grateful or thankful for, and why?”

By Sydney Starr The Charter, 10/31/18 “Erin Holman, she has been supporting students in my class, and she’s encouraging… friendly and great to collaborate with.” – Carly Carruthers, Language Arts Teacher and ES   “I’m really grateful for my ES, Megan Burt, she’s really helpful and easy to connect with. I had her as my teacher last year, she’s really amazing. I love her. She … Continue reading “Who is someone in the ACA community that you are grateful or thankful for, and why?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Mark Silverman.

By Rylie Young The Charter News – 10/31/18 This school year, ACA has undergone major staff changes with staff leaving and new staff joining. Last year’s counselor, Megan Coggins, left to spend time with her new baby. In her place, this year is Mark Silverman. Mark Silverman, ACA’s new counselor, states “I really value diversity and inclusive environments where people regardless of where they come … Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Mark Silverman.

ACA and The Father’s Heart Ministry

  By Matthias Armstrong For almost a year ACA has been helping with The Father’s Heart Street Ministry to tackle the problem of homelessness and people in need around Oregon City, but our contributions and involvement are just beginning.    Many people at ACA are unaware of our involvement with the Father’s Heart Street Ministry but this amazing story and cause deserves the attention of … Continue reading ACA and The Father’s Heart Ministry

Julie Swanson’s New Position

By Rachel Shulikov Since Jill Mohr stepped down from her part-time lead teacher position a couple months ago, we’re well into this school year with Julie Swanson as our new lead teacher. Swanson qualified for the job and is now ACA’s new lead teacher. Swanson started off as a teacher, she taught high school Language Arts and also was an ES.  When she heard about … Continue reading Julie Swanson’s New Position

ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance

By Hailey Fox The Drama Club at ACA has done many plays, some original, and some classics. This year, they will be performing The Tempest, a play written by William Shakespeare. There are a lot of students in the play this year, Liberty Cox is one of those students. Cox plays Miranda, the main character’s daughter. According to Cox, “My Boo” is Ian Sofich. He … Continue reading ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance

Harvest Dance 2018

By: MIRIAM LEE 10/24/18 ACA’s annual Harvest Dance—previously organized by parents—has been taken over by the students. Get ready for a night of music, dancing, treats, and spooky decorations. The ACA newsletter states that this year’s dance will be held in the ACA cafeteria from 7:00-10:00pm, on October 26th. According to Hallie McMillan, one of the student organizers, grades 7th-12th can pre-order tickets for $5 … Continue reading Harvest Dance 2018

Photo taken by Michael Lancaster

Farewell, Phillips

  By: MIRIAM LEE 10/03/18   Suzanne Edwards is taking over all the choirs, piano and marimba. Valerie Johnson is teaching drums and creativity. — Seanna Bloemer, ACA Director Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) has lost their multi-talented music teacher. Students are at a loss, missing their beloved teacher, but also missing their friend. Margie Phillips, former instructor at ACA, now works full-time at Elmonica Elementary School … Continue reading Farewell, Phillips

Late Policy Reform

By Matthias Armstrong A change sweeps across ACA classrooms and it comes in the form of the late policy, and so far it has met favorable reviews. Not all classes have had major changes but a few have embraced a new policy and students and teachers are already seeing the difference. Teachers this year have reworked and reworded their late policies to better convey their … Continue reading Late Policy Reform

New Director: Seanna Bloemer

By Alyssa DiLoreto Meet Seanna Seanna Bloemer is not just the new director of ACA, she’s also a friend, wife and mother of two ACA graduates. Her favorite pastimes are hiking and reading. Bloemer has been working at our school for twelve years, and an Education Specialist (ES) for eleven years before her new position. She absolutely adores helping, guiding and working with her students … Continue reading New Director: Seanna Bloemer