Painting our Thumbs Green

Charter Features By Halie Sofich and Rachel Armstrong On Tuesday, May 23rd, the community garden was finally started, after being postponed due to the weather conditions. With the help of driven parents, students, and teachers, a new project has emerged in hopes to provide even more unique and wonderful opportunities at ACA. Our previous and beloved principal, Lara Fabrycki, and our incredible Associate Director, Jill … Continue reading Painting our Thumbs Green

A Week on the Florida Keys

Samantha Rands The Charter Features A five acre island in the Florida keys, surrounded by warm turquoise water filled with sharks and vibrant fish. The beach is made up of millions of tiny snail shells. A lush green forest inhabited with friendly “dog sized deer.” Glittering stars like diamonds in the humid sky. This is how Jill Mohr, the Assistant Director and teacher helper at … Continue reading A Week on the Florida Keys

Jill Mohr and Educational Technology

Piper Stephens The Charter Features Right now, Jill Mohr is ACA’s Assistant Director, but did you know that she used to be an educational technology specialist? Before ACA, Mohr taught classes about video production and more for the Beaverton School District. “When I was in college I was just getting married, and my husband was a computer science engineer. So I decided to take a … Continue reading Jill Mohr and Educational Technology

Autism Service Dogs

Kassidy Young The Charter Feature       Here at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) autism service dogs are being trained by our very own Jill  Mohr. Jill Mohr, the assistant director here at ACA, is a puppy trainer for Autism Service Dogs of America (ASDA). She cares for these dogs for months at a time to help prepare them for their future jobs. She gives these dogs the … Continue reading Autism Service Dogs

The Story of Margie

Lavender Duff – The Charter Features   Many students at ACA think they know her pretty well, you might even be one of these students. But how well do you actually know her? “Margie [Phillips] creates a very open, safe environment in her classrooms. She is very welcoming,” says Annika Bowlsby, a junior here at ACA. “She tries very hard to make everyone feel welcomed and … Continue reading The Story of Margie

Touching people’s hearts one piece at a time

Rachel Armstrong Feature: Art Student Taylor Walker Some are gifted with an aptitude for science, others for math, some are talented dancers, others are rising athletes. Taylor Walker is just one amazing example of the talent we have here at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA). “To me, art is a form of expression”, says eighth grader Taylor Walker in response to the question, “what does art … Continue reading Touching people’s hearts one piece at a time

Oregon City Library: From 1913-2016

Samantha Rands The Charter News To Library Park, to Danielson’s, and back again. The Oregon City library has updated the the old Carnegie building.The community has been enjoying the new expansion. Chantell Bunker, a mom at Alliance Charter Academy, says, “love it, I think it’s at the perfect location. The expansion allows a lot more people to enjoy the library for studying and working.” She … Continue reading Oregon City Library: From 1913-2016

The Eagle Has Landed at ACA

Lavender Duff The Charter What do stairs, a pathway, a flagpole, and some garden boxes have in common? Eagle Scouts. An Eagle Scout is the highest rank of scout in the Boy Scouts of America program. According to NESA (National Eagle Scout Association), only five percent of all scouts make it to Eagle Scout. In order to earn the title of “Eagle,” a scout has … Continue reading The Eagle Has Landed at ACA

Photo courtesy of S. Young Photography

32 High school students take on college

  This year 32 high schoolers from Alliance Charter Academy are attending Clackamas Community College (CCC) to achieve a higher education. One of them is Faith Burton, who is currently in 11th grade.    “I am completely enjoying my experience at CCC,” said Burton. “I really like the level of freedom you get from the teachers.” The Alliance College Experience (ACE) program was started seven … Continue reading 32 High school students take on college