ACA Distributes Supplementary Materials, Equipment to Students on Fridays

To provide Distance Learning for All during the extended school closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACA administrative team worked with onsite classroom teachers to gather and organize materials. Those materials were distributed to students and parents during a carefully orchestrated drive-through, curbside pick-up, Friday, April 3. Another pick-up day is planned for Friday, April 10, alphabetically in 1/2-hour increments between 9-11:30am. See below … Continue reading ACA Distributes Supplementary Materials, Equipment to Students on Fridays

Julie Swanson’s New Position

By Rachel Shulikov Since Jill Mohr stepped down from her part-time lead teacher position a couple months ago, we’re well into this school year with Julie Swanson as our new lead teacher. Swanson qualified for the job and is now ACA’s new lead teacher. Swanson started off as a teacher, she taught high school Language Arts and also was an ES.  When she heard about … Continue reading Julie Swanson’s New Position

Harvest Dance 2018

By: MIRIAM LEE 10/24/18 ACA’s annual Harvest Dance—previously organized by parents—has been taken over by the students. Get ready for a night of music, dancing, treats, and spooky decorations. The ACA newsletter states that this year’s dance will be held in the ACA cafeteria from 7:00-10:00pm, on October 26th. According to Hallie McMillan, one of the student organizers, grades 7th-12th can pre-order tickets for $5 … Continue reading Harvest Dance 2018

The Book Nook

By Mackenzie Waterman Note: Author has familial connections to the subject of the story. Owning a bookstore has always been a dream that Megan and Paul Waterman shared. In December of 2017, their dream came true, they opened “The Book Nook”. The name comes from a quote from Longfellow. “The love of learning, the sequestered nooks. And all the sweet serenity of Books.” Megan and … Continue reading The Book Nook

Kim Kruger Leaves ACA

By Sydney Starr The Charter News As the 2018-2019 school year starts for families at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) there will be one less familiar face there, Kim Kruger, The Curriculum Manager, has left her job. Karen Downing, who worked with Kruger as the Curriculum Assistant, has now transitioned to working full time as the new Curriculum Manager. In addition, ACA has hired a parent, … Continue reading Kim Kruger Leaves ACA

Arsonist Burns Down Our Playground

By RYLIE YOUNG – 08/03/18 On August 13th, at approximately 2 am, the Oregon City Police Department and Clackamas Fire arrived at Park Place Elementary to find the school’s playground engulfed in flames. The fire was contained and put out quickly. However, it wasn’t before an estimated $15,000 worth of playground equipment was burned, along with two picnic benches. After further investigation, the authorities discovered … Continue reading Arsonist Burns Down Our Playground

Photo taken by Michael Lancaster

Farewell, Phillips

  By: MIRIAM LEE 10/03/18   Suzanne Edwards is taking over all the choirs, piano and marimba. Valerie Johnson is teaching drums and creativity. — Seanna Bloemer, ACA Director Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) has lost their multi-talented music teacher. Students are at a loss, missing their beloved teacher, but also missing their friend. Margie Phillips, former instructor at ACA, now works full-time at Elmonica Elementary School … Continue reading Farewell, Phillips

Late Policy Reform

By Matthias Armstrong A change sweeps across ACA classrooms and it comes in the form of the late policy, and so far it has met favorable reviews. Not all classes have had major changes but a few have embraced a new policy and students and teachers are already seeing the difference. Teachers this year have reworked and reworded their late policies to better convey their … Continue reading Late Policy Reform

New Director: Seanna Bloemer

By Alyssa DiLoreto Meet Seanna Seanna Bloemer is not just the new director of ACA, she’s also a friend, wife and mother of two ACA graduates. Her favorite pastimes are hiking and reading. Bloemer has been working at our school for twelve years, and an Education Specialist (ES) for eleven years before her new position. She absolutely adores helping, guiding and working with her students … Continue reading New Director: Seanna Bloemer

Parks and Recreation is (One of) the Best Shows of Our Time

By OLIVIA SILBERNAGEL Everyone has their own likes and dislikes in TV shows but Parks and Recreation (commonly called Parks and Rec) is a show that has something for nearly everyone. Parks and Recreation is a comedy that originally aired on NBC and ran from 2009 to 2015. The show features a small fictional city called Pawnee, Indiana and the antics of Leslie Knope (played … Continue reading Parks and Recreation is (One of) the Best Shows of Our Time

Why “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” are Not as Good as The Classics

By Alyssa DiLoreto Star Wars has been all the rage recently with the new movie “The Last Jedi.” Many young people enjoy this film, as well as the previous movie “The Force Awakens.” While both these films have high ratings, and a huge income, there are still many people who do not like these films one bit. I’m one of them. I have been I … Continue reading Why “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” are Not as Good as The Classics

“Everybody learns better when they’re awake”

SAMANTHA RANDS, The Charter Opinions Schools should have later classes because lack of sleep is not good for your health or education. Public school’s classes start at about 7:25am, ACA’s earliest classes start from 8am-9am.  According to The National Sleep Foundation, teenagers need about eight to ten hours of sleep every night. To achieve this, students will have to go to bed at around 9pm. Teenagers … Continue reading “Everybody learns better when they’re awake”

Over Usage of Opiates Today

By. Elizabeth Tarsia      Due to lack of knowledge, our healthcare system has been over prescribing highly addictive painkillers. The addictive quality of the drug and susceptibility of the user, opiate usage and overdose percentage is through the roof . Our healthcare system should be cleaning up the mess the lack of knowledge has caused. My family has a long history of opiate usage, and it … Continue reading Over Usage of Opiates Today

Watch Your Step! We should be more cautious of our Carbon Footprint

By RYLIE YOUNG – 05/16/18 You have probably heard the term “Carbon Footprint” but what does that mean and why should you care? A carbon footprint is “the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc.” Carbon, although a naturally occurring element, is a greenhouse gas. So if the United States, … Continue reading Watch Your Step! We should be more cautious of our Carbon Footprint

Your Twin is your best friend

    By Taylor Younger    In the spring of 2002, on April 15 two babies were born. One girl and one boy. They might have not known it at the moment but they were going to be the best of friends there entire life. But not just best friends… twins.                           Being part of a “twin unit” is a unique experience that can play a positive … Continue reading Your Twin is your best friend

Director takes new job, Compliance Officer retires

By Kenzie Waterman As this school year is coming to the end, unfortunately so is some of our staff’s time here. Vicki Nelson and Nic Chapin are leaving the school and will not be returning next year. Vicki Nelson is the Compliance Officer at Alliance Charter Academy, since September of 2011. “As Registrar and Compliance Officer, I maintain the staff and student database and am … Continue reading Director takes new job, Compliance Officer retires

Senior Prank 2018

By Faith Burton Although the origin of senior pranks are unknown, we do know that they are prevalent as ever in schools across the globe. In America we call it “Senior Prank”, and Europe and Australia its called “muck-up-day”. In previous years, the pranks have been unruly, and without censorship, these days most schools require that a staff member must be present and all prank … Continue reading Senior Prank 2018

Come to the Dark Side – CWI Saving Money, One Bulb At a Time.

By RYLIE YOUNG – 05/02/18  Join the dark side and turn off the lights! This year’s Contemporary World Issues class is small with only eight Freshman/Sophomore students, but they are making a difference. The class is trying to promote the use of natural lights within your school. The class believes our school waste an excessive amount of artificial light, and if we relied more on … Continue reading Come to the Dark Side – CWI Saving Money, One Bulb At a Time.

Alliance Charter Academy’s 2018 Graduation Ceremony

By Luke Burton, The Charter News As our seniors move on to bigger and better things we come together to celebrate at graduation. This year, graduation is at Jackson Campus on June 2nd, at 6:00pm. During the graduation ceremony the graduates have each asked a teacher or parent to hand them their diploma and give up to a one minute speech. These speeches usually include … Continue reading Alliance Charter Academy’s 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Destination: Globals

BY CONSTANTINE VANSICKLE Alliance Charter Academy’s very own Destination Imagination (DI) team is heading to globals! Advancing to globals is a huge achievement for such a small team and they are looking forward to representing the State of Oregon at the Global competition at the University of Tennessee on May 23rd through May 27th. But going to globals also has a financial toll. That’s why … Continue reading Destination: Globals

Possible changes to testing weeks

By, Elizabeth Tarsia  As you all might have noticed state testing might have seemed shorter from previous years. Well some changes have been made to the tests themselves and to the prep needed for certain subjects. Before this last testing session there were lessons that needed to be taught previous to taking state tests. Those lessons have been taken away and the test consists of … Continue reading Possible changes to testing weeks

Special Olympics

       By. Taylor Younger          In the 1950’s and early 1960’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver saw how unjustly and unfairly people with intellectual disabilities were being treated. A couple years later in 1962 Eunice started a summer camp in her very own backyard in washington D.C for those who were being treated unfairly. Eunice’s idea and her movement on this situation was revolutionary at the time. … Continue reading Special Olympics

Recalled Romaine

By Colin Hughes If you just came home from the grocery store with a head of romaine lettuce, you’d better get rid of it. There’s an outbreak of E. coli causing almost 150 people to fall sick in 29 states where people eat romaine lettuce. A subsequent study between March 13th and April 25th of 2018 showed that romaine lettuce may be contaminated with E. … Continue reading Recalled Romaine

School Misconducts

By Faith Burton Despite news of misconduct seemingly all around, there has been no documented misconduct in ACA’s history, according to it’s administrators. Lara Fabrycki, ACA’s former Director and Nic Chapin, ACA’s current Director commented on misconducts saying that we’ve not had a misconduct at ACA. Fabrycki said teachers are trained every year on misconducts, but because of technology and how people communicate is changing, … Continue reading School Misconducts

Oregon City Main Street Named One of Three 2018 Great American Main Streets

By Luke Burton, The Charter Feature News Oregon City’s Main Street named 2018 Great American Main Street, at a national conference in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 26.   Oregon City (OC) was nominated as a semifinalist, along with nine other cities, the week before the national conference. At the conference, OC was named one of three 2018 Great American Main Streets. The other winners … Continue reading Oregon City Main Street Named One of Three 2018 Great American Main Streets

Steve Dirks Scholarships

By, Elizabeth Tarsia    Two students now have more funds to further their musical education. The awards were announced Friday, May 12th at the end of the music concerts held at Alliance Charter Academy. The first scholarship was awarded to JJ Pen; this scholarship is now known as the Community Award.The next scholarship given out is the Dirks musicianship which is the newest one offered. There … Continue reading Steve Dirks Scholarships

CPR and AED Training

By Kenzie Waterman From 9:00 -3:30 on Tuesday, April 17th and Wednesday, April 18th a instructor from the Clackamas Fire Department, District #1 came and taught students how to perform hands only CPR and use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine. The class was for 7th grade and above, Parents and staff were also invited. The staff here at Alliance Charter Academy have already been … Continue reading CPR and AED Training


By Alyssa DiLoreto-  Macbeth performers anticipated so much blood and gore that they dedicated the first two rows to a splash zone. The Drama Club performed the Shakespeare play on Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6. The play is about a Scottish thane named Macbeth. In the story he meets three witches that tell him a prophecy that he will one day be King … Continue reading Macbeth

Tariffs hit Oregon Hazelnuts

By Constantine Van Sickle The United State’s biggest market of Oregon Hazelnuts might be in danger by new proposed tariffs by China. Oregon produces 99% of all Hazelnut crops in the U.S and with the new applied tariffs, Oregon hazelnut farmers may have something to worry about. China proposed a new 15% tariff to all hazelnuts that are grown in the United States in response … Continue reading Tariffs hit Oregon Hazelnuts

Gun Control Looking Forward

The Charter Features By OLIVIA SILBERNAGEL Now that the media buzz surrounding the Florida shooting has faded almost to silence, students are still fighting for change. An anonymous student who participated in the March walkout says they would like to see more protest,  “Any opportunity to protest against violence or give respect [to] those who need it is one I will take…yes. I would like … Continue reading Gun Control Looking Forward


The Charter Features By SAMANTHA RANDS   What is bullying? “Bullying abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc. : the actions and behavior of a bully Her own childhood had been made miserable by bullying … —Michael Holroyd … underestimates the plain meanness behind the pleasure people take in bullying. —George F. Will” Bullying is defined by someone of larger … Continue reading Bullying

Story about our Best

By Taylor Younger, The Charter Features Joy Best is one of our math teachers here at Alliance Charter Academy, she teaches geometry classes as well as several others. Mrs. Best also teaches math concepts at warner pacific college.           Mrs. Best was not sure what she wanted to do as a career. All throughout her elementary and high school years she believed she would be a … Continue reading Story about our Best

Behind the scenes of Mrs. Heppner

Mrs. Heppner is beloved by teachers and students alike. She travels around the world to judge gymnastic events, and has many admirers from the many years of teaching she has accomplished at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA). Mrs. Heppner has been a role model for every student at ACA and has impacted every one of her students, “She remembers and cares about her students. She’s a … Continue reading Behind the scenes of Mrs. Heppner

Clubs and Electives

BY CONSTANTINE VAN SICKLE 4/14/2018 Electives and Clubs are heading your way for the 2018-2019 Alliance Charter Academy school year. Fun and interesting classes make school a little more bearable. Not only will there be fun classes like cooking and drama, but these electives and clubs will prove to be an influential part in developing the new class schedule for ACA.     Clubs and electives … Continue reading Clubs and Electives

Science and Technology offerings at ACA in 2018-2019  

By Elizabeth Tarsia    Here at Alliance Charter Academy we offer many classes and among those many classes are our unique Science and Technology offerings. Though not all the classes are guaranteed to be offered next year all the teachers have a wide range of spectacular possible offerings.  In our Science department we have Margo Edinger, Ann Heppner, Denise Monte, Drew Holland, and Michael Lancaster. In … Continue reading Science and Technology offerings at ACA in 2018-2019  

ACA Admin team makes next year’s schedule

By COLIN HUGHES The process of making a master schedule and a course catalog for a school is a huge project. Here are some of the people who worked behind the scenes at ACA and all about how hard they work and how much they care about meeting the needs of their students. Director Nic Chapin says he’s excited about when their teachers teach courses … Continue reading ACA Admin team makes next year’s schedule

New Languages Coming to ACA?

By LUKE BURTON Throughout the years ACA has offered a variety of languages and english language arts (ELA) classes. There have been different language classes ranging from French, Spanish, and American Sign Language, although most have disappeared due to lack of staffing. “We are open to new languages it just depends on teachers and proposals.” said Nic Chapin, Principal of ACA. “For other languages students … Continue reading New Languages Coming to ACA?

ACA’s France and Spain Trip as led by Chad Wynne

By Alyssa DiLoreto ACA has decided to take a group of students to France and Spain, on June 14, 2019. Students will be traveling through Paris, Provence, and Barcelona, led by social studies teacher Chad Wynne. He is very excited to be taking the students on this trip, saying that foreign countries are very interesting to see, “We will just being seeing all the sights. … Continue reading ACA’s France and Spain Trip as led by Chad Wynne

Social Studies in the Future

The new course catalog is coming soon, allowing kids to finally learn about the new classes next year. This story will review the Social Sciences section of the catalog. If you noticed in past catalogs, there aren’t very many Social Sciences classes. This is has to do with our part-homeschool style of the school. According to our schools director, Nic Chapin, many families tend to … Continue reading Social Studies in the Future


Special Edition- By Kenzie It’s almost time to choose students classes for next year! The math department offers various different choices to help support every student’s learning style. There are 12 different math classes and 4 separate math lab classes if students  need extra help. All math classes start at 5th grade and go up to 12th. Multiple teachers have proposed new classes to teach … Continue reading ACA MATH


 Special Edition – By Rylie Young Art Explorers, Drawing and Printmaking, Drama Club, and Illustration Storytelling; these are just some of the arts and drama classes offered to students at ACA. It is the time of year for teachers to turn in their class proposals. So what classes are teachers proposing for the art/drama department?     Art Explorers with Todd Ingham and Exploring through Printmaking … Continue reading ACA ART & DRAMA

Physical Education/ Health of 2018-2019 classes

By VICTOR HEIMBIGNER Physical Education is wanted by most students and is required to graduate.  P.E. is a great way to get your body in shape or if you just want to be healthier exercising helps too.  Our teachers at ACA do there best to help out each student in fulfilling their goal. The teachers are getting many ideas for next years classes and are … Continue reading Physical Education/ Health of 2018-2019 classes

PAT Fundraisers

By SAMANTHA RANDS The PAT puts on many fundraisers to support ACA, for example the rummage sale, plant sale, and the Snack Shack. The next upcoming fundraiser is the biannual rummage sale. On Friday, April 27 and Saturday April 28, from 8:00am-4:00pm, the rummage sale will be held in the cafeteria. Families of ACA have donated their old items (furniture, clothes, etc.) to be sold. … Continue reading PAT Fundraisers

Understanding Electives at ACA

By OLIVIA SILBERNAGEL Elective options at ACA can seem fairly limited, especially for high school students. However, it is important for potentially frustrated students and families to understand why electives at ACA are not as comprehensive as are offered at traditional schools. Elective courses are important for a well rounded education. The state of Oregon requires high school students to take a minimum of six … Continue reading Understanding Electives at ACA

Men are in Support of a New Men’s Bathroom

By CONSTANTINE VAN SICKLE 3/24/2018 A new men’s bathroom may be heading your way! With small urinals and tiny  stalls, the men’s bathroom is in dire need of remodeling. Nic Chapin is the one behind the idea of remodeling the bathroom saying, “It’s a bathroom meant for elementary students, and high school students are using it. It’s like 50-70 years old. It definitely needs a … Continue reading Men are in Support of a New Men’s Bathroom

Get your yearbook!

By Taylor Younger   Did you know ACA has a yearbook? Our yearbooks range from twenty three dollars to thirty dollars. When you purchase your yearbooks there are two blank pages for you to design your very own pages to keep those school memories forever.              Mr. Lancaster’s class of only a dozen students spend all school year long developing the yearbook. Students from this class spend … Continue reading Get your yearbook!

Luke the Ballerino Is Going Cleveland? Support him in this journey!

News Story by Faith Burton In 2018, as one of the few male dancers at Classical Ballet Academy, opportunities arise frequently. On January 20 2018, Luke went to Seattle with his friend and CBA ballet dancer Natazia Head, to audition for Utah’s distinguished ballet school, Ballet West. A few weeks later, Luke was accepted into ArtEmotion, an extension of Ballet West, and asked to come … Continue reading Luke the Ballerino Is Going Cleveland? Support him in this journey!

Smash Bros Switch Reveal

By COLIN HUGHES On March 8th, 2018, Nintendo announced two things at once; a new Smash game, and one of the most anticipated characters making an appearance. Nintendo fans watched the Super Smash Bros. Switch reveal trailer and began jumping all over the place, screaming with excitement. After all, according to many, 2017 and 2018 were Nintendo’s best years; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of … Continue reading Smash Bros Switch Reveal

Voting On ACA’s New Logo

By Samantha Rands The school is getting a new logo. Nic Chapin, The Executive Director of ACA, sent out a survey to all the high school and middle school students, parents, and teachers. The survey had different logo options to vote on from “first choice” to “fourth choice.” “We [the school’s Admin] want a logo…you’ll be proud of,” says Danelle Till, the School’s Business Manager. … Continue reading Voting On ACA’s New Logo

ACA Hosting an Art Showcase and Family Dinner in the Gym, plus Live Music

By RYLIE YOUNG – 03/23/18 This year, to view and applaud all the efforts of students, ACA is hosting a showcase night for students to show off the art they have made in their classes throughout the school year. Tara McLaughlin and her daughter Aila are organizing the Art Night so you can share your favorite pieces of art on Thursday, April 12th in the … Continue reading ACA Hosting an Art Showcase and Family Dinner in the Gym, plus Live Music

Middle School Battle of the Books Team Wins Big

By LUKE BURTON Our Middle School OBOB team is going to state. Madalena Larkins, Haladar Wright, Ben Snyder, Coral Anderson, and Cadence Gillespie are going to battle it out against all the other regional winners. The team won the regional battles on March 17th. They competed against 32 other teams and came out on top. The state battle is commencing on April, 7th, 2018, in … Continue reading Middle School Battle of the Books Team Wins Big

‘Never Again’ – ACA Students Walkout

By OLIVIA SILBERNAGEL Anger and sadness over gun violence in America is present even in ACA. This was apparent on Wednesday, March 14th when roughly thirty-five students walked out of class in protest of current gun policy and the toll it has taken on our schools. The walkout was prompted by the Parkland school shooting which took place on February 14th of this year at … Continue reading ‘Never Again’ – ACA Students Walkout

ACA and the GSA

By Olivia Silbernagel, The Charter Features The Gay Straight Alliance/Gender and Sexuality Awareness (GSA) club at ACA has had its share of controversy over the years, but that has not stopped the members from advocating for what they believe. These issues have included: parent concerns, who oversees the meetings, how they can spread their message, and even what the club is to be called. However, GSA … Continue reading ACA and the GSA

Alumni form Dreadlight

By Kenzie Waterman, The Charter Features Alliance Charter Academy has been around for eleven years now and many students have come and gone, but what they took with them, the life lessons, the experiences, and the friendships, those are just as important as the education they got.  I interviewed two ACA graduates, Kandra Tolvstad, class of 2017 and Toria Beck, class of 2015, to see … Continue reading Alumni form Dreadlight

Hallway Dining: ACA’s cafeteria, too small for the ever-growing student population

The Charter – Editorial – Nicole Engelke Lunchtime at ACA is a busy time – families with younger kids find each other, middle and high school students emerge from classrooms, tired from lectures, tests, and labs, for their 30-minute break.  However, they don’t all have a place to actually eat. If you’re slow getting to the cafeteria, you might just find that the hallway, gym, … Continue reading Hallway Dining: ACA’s cafeteria, too small for the ever-growing student population

Luke The Ballerino

By Faith Burton, The Charter Features Luke Burton, teenager, skateboarder, pre-professional guitarist and something that may surprise many, ballet dancer. At fourteen years old, Luke was invited by his friend from school, Natazia Head, to join her at Classical Ballet Academy (CBA), one of Oregon’s finest ballet schools. “I didn’t think he would be bad or good at ballet… I just thought it would be … Continue reading Luke The Ballerino

Building Our Airplane While We’re Flying: A History of Our Homeschool-school

By Nicole Engelke The Charter Feature Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) is a unique school for equally unique students and staff. It is a K-12 charter school created by parents that were dedicated to their children’s well-being and education. Lara Fabrycki, the founder and former director, principal, and “Queen Bee” of ACA, says, “We needed that choice…a choice for kids who didn’t want to go the … Continue reading Building Our Airplane While We’re Flying: A History of Our Homeschool-school

The Cantrell of Alliance Charter Academy

By Elizabeth Tarsia Kathleen Mixer-Cantrell, a greatly appreciated Educational Specialist (ES) and staff member. Cantrell has been working at Alliance Charter Academy since our program started in 2007. After so many years working at Alliance Charter Academy she says she enjoys it just as much as she did when she first started working here in 2007. Kathleen says she loves working with her ES students … Continue reading The Cantrell of Alliance Charter Academy

CCC Advisor: Trade-skills training leads to jobs

By: Michael Lancaster, The Charter News –  Pretty much no matter what career you may want, the Clackamas Community College is a great place to start, according to a CCC advisor who presented to the CRLE class January 11. Britany Ellerbrook is CCC’s Career Technical Education Admissions Counselor. She was invited to the Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLE) class by teacher Val McCormack to share … Continue reading CCC Advisor: Trade-skills training leads to jobs

ACA Through The Ages

  By Samantha Rands and Olivia Silbernagel We interviewed six students at ACA questions about their futures, school, and worries. The goal was to look at the diversity between what different age groups worry about; where an elementary schooler would have fewer worries, and a senior would worry more about the future. We interviewed two elementary students: Gwyneth Lute and Love Best. Two middle school students: … Continue reading ACA Through The Ages

Harvest Ball/Haunted House reactions

By Samantha Rands The Harvest Ball was October 27th Organizers consider the Harvest Ball and Haunted House success despite some technical difficulties. The profit made from tickets sales was $111.02, which will go towards funds for prom. Beth Sugrue, a mom at ACA and the Harvest Dance coordinator, said, “I think overall the dance went pretty well. We had a lot of logistical problems that … Continue reading Harvest Ball/Haunted House reactions

Genuine, Caring, and Humorous

By Rylie Young Genuine, caring, and humorous. That’s how Megan Coggins, our school counselor, would describe herself. Counseling has always been an interest of Megan’s, “It kind of like is my life, in some ways,” she admitted, Growing up, she was the person her friends and other people would go to when they wanted to talk. “I was like ‘Oh, I should be a counselor, … Continue reading Genuine, Caring, and Humorous

Sarah Head’s Many Faces

By Mackenzie Waterman Sarah Head isn’t just a ES and teacher. She is a wife, mom, and farmer, as well. She enjoys reading, farming, and hanging out with her kids. Her favorite book is “ Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard. She has two kids (both girls), as well as a lot of animals.  She owns around thirty through thirty five farm animals and two … Continue reading Sarah Head’s Many Faces

The ACA Winter Concerts Aftermath

By Alyssa DiLoreto As you may know, ACA held the winter concerts in the gym. In the previous story on the Winter Concerts, quite a few students shared many concerns on the amount of space, and sound quality. In a classroom discussion with Jonathan Cheskin’s Orchestra II class, 2 out of 10 students said that there was not very much room. There was also very … Continue reading The ACA Winter Concerts Aftermath

ACA Penny War

By Elizabeth Tarsia As you all might know, the PAT volunteers just finished up the Penny War fundraiser. Compared to last years goal, met at $900 dollars, this year’s $500 dollars raised was not as good, but we still rocked it! All of the profits made from the penny war will go towards future needs for the school. For example, last year they went towards … Continue reading ACA Penny War

New Marimba Club Welcomes All Students

Nicole Engelke The Charter – News Although the students in this new club had probably never met before, or heard their parts, or even played a marimba, they were determined to learn their parts before the concert, and have lots of fun in the process. Margie Phillips, one of the music teachers at ACA, wanted it that way when she coined the idea before the … Continue reading New Marimba Club Welcomes All Students

Respecting Students’ Work

By MacKenzie Waterman, The ACA Charter News Vandalism on student work isn’t much of a problem at ACA, but so far this year, it has occurred twice. One with a triorama for Mrs. Strutz’s class, and the other was with sheets of paper from Mrs. Edinger’s science class. In the spring of 2014, someone ripped down and vandalized a poster for GSA club.    After that, … Continue reading Respecting Students’ Work