Is College Worth it?

Tazwell Brandabur Chartered Territory 1/22/2020 With rising tuition and increased competition, a debate is raging on both sides of the political spectrum over college. News outlets from the New York Times to Fox have questioned the worth of a degree. The Charter asked parents, teachers, and prospective students around ACA about their college experience, and whether they felt any higher education they’d received was worth … Continue reading Is College Worth it?

We Are The Only Ones Who Can Fix This.

The Student Debt Crisis in America & What You Can Do About It. Tazwell Brandabur For The Charter Editorial Board 1/22/2020     Higher education has long been touted as a way out of unemployment, poverty, and into the modern world, but roughly forty percent of students are skipping college entirely, or enrolling in a trade school.  One major reason is the cost.  Institutions vary wildly … Continue reading We Are The Only Ones Who Can Fix This.

Is ACA Safe?

Tazwell Brandabur The Charter Features 12/21/19 Charter schools have long been the center of an intense debate at the local and national level– a debate that’s intensified with the coming presidential election. At this point, the three frontrunning Democratic candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, have openly called for a ban on charter schools. Sort of. Daunting as … Continue reading Is ACA Safe?

Underused Power-up Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s noon, and most of ACA is going on break. Ann Heppner isn’t. Instead, she’s preparing for what many ESes describe as a “tremendously helpful” class, one that can be “miraculously beneficial” for students’ grades. Mrs. Heppner walks into the classroom and greets her  two-person class. This is business as usual for any one of ACA’s “Lunch and Learns.”  The Lunch and Learn program has … Continue reading Underused Power-up Hiding in Plain Sight

Astrobiology Brings Strange Visitor To ACA

On October 21st, Mr Holland’s PE class found the gym invaded by a faintly humming silver dome, 20 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. Fortunately, this was no alien invasion of ACA, but rather the Starlab, a mobile observatory and planetarium, brought in by Mr. Lancaster’s Astrobiology class to teach constellations and planetary science. “Constellations serve as a…sort of map that astronomers use to … Continue reading Astrobiology Brings Strange Visitor To ACA

What advice would you give new students and families this year?

Donna Larson, an ACA parent, declined a photo, but said: “I’d say new families should remember to volunteer- it helps get you used to what’s happening around the school.” Raymond Kennedy: “Take Mrs. Whittet’s math class.” Jilene Modlin: “Make sure you show up with plenty of time to find parking.” Logan Scott: “Have fun, even if you aren’t having fun.” Chris Stilwell: “When I see … Continue reading What advice would you give new students and families this year?

Student Planners: So Far, So Good

Tazwell Brandabur The Charter News – 9/30/19 Much of success, both in school and later life, depends upon a set of critical skills known as executive functioning. These skills include scheduling, time management, and prioritization, which are all essential for staying organized.  With this in mind, ACA hired Karin Bright, an executive function coach based in Portland, to help students, and to help teachers help … Continue reading Student Planners: So Far, So Good