ES meetings

Rachel Shulikov The Charter News – 3/18/2019 ACA is one of the only schools that has ES meetings. And that’s another reason what makes it so different from other schools. ES meetings are for students to have a teacher to “helps to make sure that all areas of education are covered, [and] all the different subjects and standards for those subjects.” said Diana Brainerd, Lead … Continue reading ES meetings

Bathroom redo

The Charter News – 2/5/2019 Rachel Shulikov In December, during the winter break, several students, with supervision of adults, redecorated a part of both bathrooms on the upstairs floor. One of the students that helped redo the bathrooms, Paige Stickney said,  “We repainted the doors to help bring a more positive attitude to ACA and give students something positive to look at after the break.” … Continue reading Bathroom redo

Why Small School Environments Are Better Than Large Schools

By Rachel Shulikov The Charter Opinions – 1/14/2019 Small schools have an advantage compared to large schools. Students have a better environment, and they have a closer relationship with their teachers and each other. In small schools, teachers and students have a closer relationship. Teachers seem to care more about the students. There are usually fewer students in a classroom so the teacher can concentrate … Continue reading Why Small School Environments Are Better Than Large Schools

New Health Standards

By Rachel Shulikov The Charter News – 11/15/2018 The state health standards have been changed.  Now ACA is giving out new curriculum, but according to Drew Holland the curriculum hasn’t really changed Drew Holland, ACA’s health, PE, and middle school science teacher said, “The new health standards really haven’t changed that much from the old health standards. What has changed, however, is the amount of … Continue reading New Health Standards