Multnomah County Search and Rescue

Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 5/22/19   The team, MCSOSAR, is Multnomah County’s resource for Search and Rescue. Multnomah County Search and Rescue unit. They primarily do searches for lost hikers in the Columbia Gorge, urban searches in surrounding areas, and evidence searches. Multnomah County’s team is youth led and accepts applications from teens ages fourteen and up. If accepted, volunteers are required to complete an … Continue reading Multnomah County Search and Rescue

Rummage Sale

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 5/21/19 An annual spring rummage sale is one of ACA’s traditions used to raise money for the school, as well as other charities. Families bring in donations and are able to volunteer to help plan, organize, and run the sale. The rummage was started as a fundraiser by the Parent Action Team. Donations of clothes, books, children’ toys, kitchenware, and … Continue reading Rummage Sale

HOOPS Basketball

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 5/21/19 HOOPS is a homeschool basketball league that many students of Alliance Charter Academy take part in. Teams practice in Oregon City and Molalla, with games held at Clackamas Community College campus in Oregon City. HOOPS provides a Christian learning environment for improving and building skills and sportsmanship. HOOPS is run by dedicated volunteers: coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, paper/electronic … Continue reading HOOPS Basketball

Volunteer Hours

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 4/15/18 Volunteering is an important piece of ACA. It keeps the school safe and clean while giving back to the community. Each school year, families are encouraged to complete thirty volunteer hours which equals about fifteen minutes of volunteering a school day. According to the Alliance Charter Academy handbook if families are unable to complete the volunteer hours, they could … Continue reading Volunteer Hours

“What are you looking forward to most next year?”

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter 3/13/19 “Probably having more home subjects because it just adds a lot because I already have a busy schedule with dance and youth group.” -Alayna Meeker, 13, 7th grade. “Next school year I’m looking forward to it being my final year of high school and learning more, expanding my knowledge and since I am in the ACE program I am … Continue reading “What are you looking forward to most next year?”

Suicide Prevention

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter- 3/14/19               Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US. During 2017 there were over 47,000 deaths from suicide in America, and suicide rates are increasing each year. People of all ages are unaware about the severity of the matter, which is why schools should prioritize educating its students and teachers on suicide and suicide prevention. There … Continue reading Suicide Prevention

An Evening of the Spoken Word

By Natalie Ramsey                     The Charter Features – 2/1/19                           Recently, members of the Language Arts Committee have been working on organizing An Evening of the Spoken Word. This event is not only for students and their families to enjoy the spoken word, but is also to promote the literary works of students On February 20, 2019, from 6:00-7:30pm, the ACA library will be opening its … Continue reading An Evening of the Spoken Word

What Has ACA Done For You?

By Natalie Ramsey The Charter, 1/24/19 “It’s taught me things and has given me friends. It’s also given me a good place to learn.” – Tyler Scott, 12, 6th grade. “For me, ACA has helped me to become more structured with my time and just more organized with my school work. The teachers here are also really friendly and nice.” – Maddy Keyser, 15, Sophomore. … Continue reading What Has ACA Done For You?

Multi-Grade Classes May Leave Kids Behind

Natalie Ramsey The Charter Opinions- 1/14/19 Multi-grade classes are hard on both the students and teachers involved, and it is still up in the air whether they are they best option of education. These types of classes are often used in smaller schools to ensure that they will have enough students to run the class, but often times, having a mixed age group can create … Continue reading Multi-Grade Classes May Leave Kids Behind