Why Students Should Never Opt Out of State Testing

Madalena Larkins The Charter Opinions 1/22/20 Just like other public schools, ACA students in grades 3rd-8th and 11th participate in state testing. There’s one difference.       ACA is required to meet or exceed the test and participation scores of conventional public schools in our district, and if we don’t we are required to create a School Improvement Plan, and failure to create or comply with the … Continue reading Why Students Should Never Opt Out of State Testing

Do You Read The Charter? Why or Why Not?

Madalena Larkins Natasha Fedosov, 11th Grade ACA Student: “No, Because I don’t have time for it.” Diana Brainerd, Associate Director: “I read it like two weeks ago, because I like to see what students are writing about.” Abigail Reynolds, 8th grader: “No, it just doesn’t seem necessary to me.” Kathleen Ballard, ACA Parent: “Yes, I suppose because I was a journalism student in high school, and … Continue reading Do You Read The Charter? Why or Why Not?

Inside The Charter Newsroom

Madalena Larkins The Charter Features 12/20/19 The class of nine and their teacher, Michael Lancaster, gather in the dimly lit media arts room for the last time before winter break. Kailyn and Cheyenna toss a half full plastic bottle back and forth across the room, Jack and Tazwell seem to be absorbed in something on their Chrome books, and Mr. Lancaster pauses in his explanation … Continue reading Inside The Charter Newsroom

ACA Holiday Bazaar

Madalena Larkins The Charter News – 11/18/19 ACA is hosting a holiday bazaar—on campus—on Friday December 6th and Saturday December 7th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  There will be a variety of vendors,  both student and local, as well as a bake sale, kids crafts area, raffle, food, and live music performed by ACA musicians.   There will be 30+ vendors (as of 11-11-19) who will … Continue reading ACA Holiday Bazaar

Stephanie Young Takes School Pictures

By Madalena Larkins School pictures were different this year. Stephanie Young—a longtime ACA parent—took school pictures, instead of someone outside of ACA, like we’ve had in past years. It seems that there was an overall positive reaction to the new photographer and backdrop. Young chose to take the pictures outside in front of the bricks instead of doing them inside with a gray background and artificial … Continue reading Stephanie Young Takes School Pictures

Other Jobs ACA Staff Do

Madalena Larkins  The Charter Features 10/2/19      A recent poll of ACA staff members was conducted and sixty eight percent of staff polled had additional sources of income outside of aca. Only thirty four percent said that they wanted only one job, so about half the staff polled who had another income enjoyed doing two jobs.  Also, sixty seven percent of staff polled said that they … Continue reading Other Jobs ACA Staff Do