Which Streaming Service Should I Use?

Coronavirus, an unforeseen twist to the decade, has significantly altered people’s lives around the globe. Instead of going out with friends or interacting with the outside world at all, people are confined within their houses, and this new ordeal of self-isolation leaves many feeling adrift and listless, unsure of what to do with their time. Oftentimes, being productive is fulfilling and makes us feel good. … Continue reading Which Streaming Service Should I Use?

What is Religion’s Role in a School Environment?

Haladar Wright The Charter Opinions  4/27/20           Religion is an important part of culture and people’s lives which should not be disregarded, but there are difficulties in discussing it at school. Religion, at its core, is a social topic and an integral part of people’s identity, regardless of what they believe. For these reasons, I believe that religion should be discussed … Continue reading What is Religion’s Role in a School Environment?

Do Relationships in High School Have Value?

Haladar Wright  The Charter Features 1/28/20 In popular culture, high school is painted as a landscape full of turmoil. Saturated with battling cliques, rampant emotions, and constant drama, Hollywood high school has many stressors. While typical “teenage” movies can be wholly inaccurate, a mainstay in fictional and real high schools is romance and young love. Romantic relationships are a common part of high school life. … Continue reading Do Relationships in High School Have Value?

Beginning Band Class Created

Haladar Wright The Charter News Feature 11/18/19 You may hear the musical sounds of wind instruments emanating from room 114 on Mondays and Wednesdays. ACA has created a new class, the Beginning Band. It’s purpose is to teach students wind instruments and bring Band music to ACA. Valerie Johnson, the director of the class, created it to teach more instruments. “There was no music class … Continue reading Beginning Band Class Created

New Choir Teacher Hired

Tracey Edson, the new choir director, was just hired.  For the past month, the choir program at ACA has not had a teacher.  Several students interviewed expressed great excitement and happiness that Edson is here. Ashton Scott, a Junior, expressed feelings of surprise that Mrs. Edwards  hadn’t returned, but says he is still committed to making the choir program fun. Lauren True, a Junior, says … Continue reading New Choir Teacher Hired