Why Vaccines Matter in the 21st Century

By Hailey Fox Charter Opinions 5/17/19 Here at ACA only 71 percent of students are vaccinated. Currently, house bill 3063 is being voted on. This bill will make it so every student will be required to get vaccinated. The only waver from this law are people who are immunocompromised, a person with a immune system that’s so weak vaccines would hurt them. I believe this … Continue reading Why Vaccines Matter in the 21st Century

Is Testing with Music Really Bad for You?

Listening with music while taking tests should be allowed at ACA. Teachers typically say that testing with music distracts students from learning or reaching their full potential. Although I believe that’s true for some students, music should still be allowed for students who want it. Some famous writers listen to music in their everyday writing routine. One of them is Stephen King who has written … Continue reading Is Testing with Music Really Bad for You?

The Undefined Representative of ACA: the Display Case

By Hailey Fox The Charter Features – 12/17/18 The display case here at ACA seems random when compared to other schools display cases. However, every item in the case reflects how unique ACA is from all the other schools and shows what we value is different. The Trophies When you look at the other display cases at most other schools all you see are awards. … Continue reading The Undefined Representative of ACA: the Display Case

ACA’s Testing Scores

By Hailey Fox Charter Newsroom – 11/14/2018 Last year when the students at ACA took the science OAKS test, the 11th graders fell short of the district by 0.2 percent. According to administration, the charter by ACA has a clause that states ACA will always exceed the OCSD (Oregon City School District) in state testing scores. Since the scores were lower compared to OCSD’s scores, … Continue reading ACA’s Testing Scores

ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance

By Hailey Fox The Drama Club at ACA has done many plays, some original, and some classics. This year, they will be performing The Tempest, a play written by William Shakespeare. There are a lot of students in the play this year, Liberty Cox is one of those students. Cox plays Miranda, the main character’s daughter. According to Cox, “My Boo” is Ian Sofich. He … Continue reading ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance