ACA Hot Lunches

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter Photojournalism- 3/11/2019 ACA sells hot lunches everyday of the week. From pizza to baked potatoes, from soup to nachos, there hot lunches waiting for you in the cafeteria during lunch. “The Snack Shack Coordinator and PAT President typically work together to price items, but the Snack Shack Coordinator has more insight since they are shopping or coordinating the shoppers to … Continue reading ACA Hot Lunches

Mr. Toth’s Hobby: Crabbing

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter News Briefs- 2/25/2019 Besides being a math teacher at ACA, Mr. Toth enjoys crabbing. Mr. Toth thinks crabbing is “fun and easy.”  His dream is to go to the coast, catch crabs, oysters and make tacos. Some of the places Mr. Toth goes crabbing to are Tillamook Bay, Netarts Bay and Astoria. His family usually goes crabbing at bays because … Continue reading Mr. Toth’s Hobby: Crabbing

What did you like most about Mr. Silverman and what will you miss most about him?

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter Features – 1/11/2019 “What I liked most about him is probably his friendly spirit and what I will miss most about him is just seeing him around school and talking to him.” -Grace Mikkelsen, 14, 8th grade. “He always knew how to answer questions right on the spot but wisely. It was always a well thought-out answer. What I will … Continue reading What did you like most about Mr. Silverman and what will you miss most about him?

Is Homeschooling for You?

By Evalina Shulikov The Charter Opinions- 1/9/2019 Homeschooling has become a schooling option for many parents with all the new academic requirements students have to learn. Over the years curriculum and programs have grown quite a bit for the homeschool community. Homeschooling has become more popular because parents are realizing how convenient and safer homeschooling really is. One reason homeschooling is great, is that parents … Continue reading Is Homeschooling for You?

Suzanne Edwards Brings Many Musical Skills to ACA

Evalina Shulikov The Charter Feature- 12/12/18 This year, Suzanne Edwards has joined the team of ACA. She loves to sing and plays many different instruments. She teaches choir, piano, and marimba. She loves music and is said to have an immense amount of musical talent. Suzanne Edwards has many musical talents such as singing and playing many instruments. Her main instruments are voice and piano, … Continue reading Suzanne Edwards Brings Many Musical Skills to ACA

Family Study Hall

By Evalina Shulikov  The Charter News- 11/14/18 Looking for a good place to study? This year our school has a family study hall. It is located downstairs, the room next to the preschool classroom. It is the perfect place for students and parents to study and do their homework. It is available Monday-Thursday from 9:00-12:00 in the morning.    According to parents and students that … Continue reading Family Study Hall