Excuses Used at School

Cheyenna Hall  Featured News  12/20/2019 Teachers and students alike have heard many excuses at school. Even if they aren’t the ones making the excuses they still remember them.  “There was homework??” and “What’s today?” are both excuses used by Kailyn McKay who is a ninth grader at ACA. These excuses make it sound like she was oblivious to the homework that was due and makes … Continue reading Excuses Used at School

ACA’s Many Committees

Cheyenna Hall The Charter News 11/18/2019 ACA has many committees that staff members are involved in. Some are for the staff and some are more beneficial for the students. Staff members are the people who run the committees. There are many committees and each of them are different and do different things.  “The purpose of committees are to focus on school improvement. To support the … Continue reading ACA’s Many Committees

ACA’s New Counselor Mrs. Heinsoo

Cheyenna Hall The Charter News 10/28/2019 Mrs. Alicia Heinsoo, ACA’s new counselor has been meeting with the students of ACA since the beginning of this school year. Mrs. Heinsoo states that she has “striven to provide a safe space for all students to feel respected and comfortable.” Although many students already have regular meetings with her there are also some slots in Mrs. Heinsoos schedule … Continue reading ACA’s New Counselor Mrs. Heinsoo

Senior Prank or Legacy Project?

By: Cheyenna Hall Since the first day of grade school, to the awkwardness of middle school, through challenging high school and finally to senior year, seniors have been getting ready to go out into the world and give it their best, ready to prove that they have what it takes to go anywhere and accomplish anything. Even though sometimes they get a little ahead of … Continue reading Senior Prank or Legacy Project?