The Charter is a project created and developed by Alliance Charter Academy’s journalism class. It is an opportunity for students to practice the gathering of facts and the telling of true stories. Our goal is to be as relevant, useful, and interesting to as broad an audience as possible

We hope students, staff, parents, and other members of our school and broader community enjoy reading the variety of news, feature stories, editorials, and personal-opinion columns we intend to produce on a regular basis. We encourage readers to get involved by submitting letters to the editor and guest opinion columns.

Each student is a reporter and photographer and is also assigned a position in the newsroom. The 2018-2019 newsroom positions are as follows:

Editor-in-Chief – Alyssa DiLoreto – alyssadiloreto@students.aca.k12.or.us

News Editor – MacKenzie Waterman – mackenziewaterman@students.aca.k12.or.us

Opinions Page Editor – Matthias Armstrong – matthiasarmstrong@students.aca.k12.or.us

Web Design Editor – Rylie Young – rylieyoung@students.aca.k12.or.us

Social Media Editor – Miriam Lee – miriamlee@students.aca.k12.or.us

Publicist – Sydney Starr – sydneystarr@students.aca.k12.or.us

Copy Editor – Miriam Lee – miriamlee@students.aca.k12.or.us

Copy Editor – Rylie Young – rylieyoung@students.aca.k12.or.us

Copy Editor – Rachel Shulikov – rachelshulikov@students.aca.k12.or.us

Reporter/Photographer – Evalina Shulikov – evalinashulikov@students.aca.k12.or.us

Reporter/Photographer – Hailey Fox – haileyfox@students.aca.k12.or.us

Reporter/Photographer – Natalie Ramsey – natalieramsey@students.aca.k12.or.us

Instructor/Advisor: Michael Lancaster, michaellancaster@aca.k12.or.usS