Summer Vacation !!

Joshua Aldrich

The Charter Features


Ah summer, a great time to relax and do absolutely nothing. But, wait, not everybody is doing nothing this summer. So what are some things ACA students and teachers are doing between now and next school year?

“I only have one real goal/plan for the summer and that would be getting my permit and start driving,” said Jared Lopez, a 10th grade student. “This summer will be very different from last summer because I will have my covid vaccine and I will start hanging out with friends in person. Whereas last year all we could do was talk to each other online. I am looking forward to relaxing and spending more time with my family and friends.”

Other students have bigger trips planned.

“The plan I have for this summer is taking a giant trip in August. We are visiting family and going all over the east coast,” said 10th grader Cole Smythe.

A lot of students are going out this summer with their family and friends unlike last year, where they were couped up in their house all last summer. Now what about the teachers? Are they still working, or do they also get a summer vacation?

“For most of the summer, we will stay local and enjoy day trips,” said Carly Carruthers. “I will still be working during the summer as a book coach and editor. I always review my curriculum, organize my files, and pursue professional development related to my classes and students. This summer will be very different! I will leave the state, see family and friends, and have opportunities to visit more places like museums that were closed last summer.”

Music and Technology teacher Jonathan Cheskin also plans to work and vacation.

“I generally teach private cello lessons and also teach for Community Music Center in Portland. I do some advance planning for Music Department events for the following year,” said Cheskin. “I have a vacation planned at Paulina Lake in July.”

For the teachers this year it’s also going to look different. A lot of teachers will be able to visit family members and go on vacations. But this summer is not just fun and relaxing for the teachers, they also have to prepare everything so that they are ready for the next school year. 


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