District Upgrades ACA

Elinore Harris 

The Charter News


A student walking into ACA may be surprised by what they see. Recently, ACA has had some renovations to the building.

In 2018, voters in the Oregon City School District (OCSD) passed a bond for schools to have renovations that have to do with overcrowding, ventilation, and security, such as cameras and new doors. After seeing all of the new things in ACA, Seanna Bloemer, ACA’s director, said “The painting is purely for aesthetically upgrading the building. When they did the main office, we got new carpet in there, new cabinets in there, and new paint colors, and it made the rest of the building look dungy and dirty, in my opinion.”

Perhaps the most noticeable renovation that will be happening is in the front office. Once completed, for security reasons, OCSD is changing it so that people can enter only by using the front door. They will have to go through two separate sets of doors to get into the hallway. This is further explained by Bloemer: 

1. A person enters the main doors once the office secretary buzzes them in. (When all students are arriving at 9:00 they will be unlocked since that is a busy time most days).

2. If it is a staff member or student they proceed straight through the second set of doors to access the main hallway or stairs. At busy times, staff will be near those doors, so they may be propped open. If someone arrives mid-day, the doors may be locked and the person would need to be ‘buzzed’ in by Sultana Johansen, our main office secretary.

3. If a visitor arrives, once inside the main doors they immediately enter the main office through a door on the right (where a wall used to be) to sign in as a guest.

Once the students are inside the building, they will notice another difference right away. The walls are painted blue. And if they take a closer look at the walls and ceilings, they just might notice that security cameras have been installed. 

The outside of the building has had some changes as well. There is a security fence around the playground and the back field making it so that they can only be accessed through a gate.

The last renovation is a new ventilation system, located in the dirt room, a storage area off the staff lounge with a dirt floor. People who haven’t spent much time in the dirt room are unlikely to notice a difference, according to facilities director Chad Wynne.


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