Who do you look up to, and why?

By Elinore Harris

Wake Crum

“My taekwondo teacher because I want to get a black belt.”

Wake Crum, 5th-grade student

“My friend’s mom because she’s super supportive.”

Sariah McMillan, 10th-grade student
Sariah McMillan

“I look up to my mom. She is one of the kindest people I know. She has given her home out to numerous family members, and even one stranger (to her, it was a friend of my sister-in-law) in order to keep those people from being homeless, or in a less than ideal situation. She is always the first to help her family ( family by blood, marriage, or bond) when someone is struggling. She has shown me a lot about what it means to be a mother.”

Meredith Gerstner, ES & Teacher

“I look up to my dad because he has worked very hard his whole life to achieve his goals and mostly achieved those goals. Those goals could be vocational or personal. He has a lot of integrity. He knows what he believes and he does not waffle on it. He’s not scared of or worried about what other people think. He mostly just cares about what God thinks. He knows he’s not perfect and he’s always trying to be better and he admits when he’s wrong. He prioritizes the most important things in life like family and religion and being a good person and getting things done and contributing to society and not just in words but what he actually does and what he acts like. In spite of being very comfortable in his living circumstances and his success in life he’s not materialistic and he likes to use his means to do nice things for other people and take care of other people.”

Jonathan Harris, Father of three ACA students