If you could have one thing in the world what would it be, and why?

By Joshua Aldrich

“I would like a pet Sonic because it could take me around the whole entire world really fast!”

James Carruthers, 1st-grade student

“Some sort of technological device that can create a simulation where you and other people can join in and can continue in activities. Almost like vr but super advanced… so I can play with my friends and it would be super cool”

Jared Lopez, 10th-grade student
Jared Lopez via screen shot by Joshua Aldrich.

“I would want a large second home in London, England, so my family and I could spend some of the year there exploring the city. I studied in London during college and really want to go back!”

Carly Carruthers, ES & Teacher

“At this moment, my answer to that question would be that I would love to see all Covid harms, fears, and restrictions go away.” Why? “There were unexpected opportunities that came during this time when our normal lives took a pause, but there were also many unintended consequences. It would be wonderful to be able to smile at strangers in a store again, and for small businesses to thrive, and for students to spend time together and have in person classes, and for our oldest citizens to get hugs from their family.”

Kristine Aldrich, Mother of two ACA students