ACA reacts to Mandalorian

Elinore Harris

The Charter News


Spoiler Alert: Stay away from this article if you haven’t seen the second season of The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda by any other name would still be Baby Yoda. Or so say the ACA staff and students who were polled on the second season of Star Wars TV show THE MANDALORIAN. Forms response chart. Question title: What do you usually call this guy? (Be honest now. We all know you slip sometimes...). Number of responses: 13 responses.

Although Disney+ provided us with his proper name, Grogu, the majority of ACA students and staff polled still call him Baby Yoda. Over fifty percent, in fact. Slightly less than one third call him by his given name, Grogu. And 8th-grader Lane Harris has his own creative name for the kid, “Yoozle.” But we know one thing for sure: Everybody loves him. Or almost everybody. 

But this is not ACA student Emily Van Horn’s stance on this new character. “Baby Yoda is WAYYY over-hyped,” Van Horn said.

When polled on everybody’s favorite characters, Grogu came in second. (He tied with Boba Fett). The majority of students voted for Mando as their favorite character. Perhaps this is because many people can relate to him in this time of quarantine. He avoids large groups of people, wears a mask, and never touches his face. Coming in third place for the favorite character was a tie between IG11, Bo Katan, Kara Dune, and Queel. But one student couldn’t decide. 

“I’m torn between Boba, Mando, and Kara Dune,” says Cole Smythe, a 10th-grade student.

There were lots of new questions that popped into the heads of viewers as they watched this new season, they reported in the poll. According to the polls, these unanswered questions might not have been the best idea on Disney’s part. Nearly fifty percent of those who were polled said they liked the first season better than the second one.  About thirty percent of them said the second one was best, and 23.1 percent said neither/both. Forms response chart. Question title: Which season do you like the best?. Number of responses: 13 responses.

This season also answered some of the questions people had after watching the first one, and not just what Grogu’s real name is. Disney has now revealed more about how Mandalorians work, including the fact that there are many separate creeds. This twist intrigued teachers as well as students. 

“I love learning about the creed and the Mandalorian,” says Kristin Meier, ACA teacher. 

According to the new information Disney+ provided in the second season, some Mandalorians think it’s OK to remove their helmets, and others don’t. That has also created some conflicting opinions in this galaxy. 

Seventh-grader Elias Lawer asks, “Can you clarify if Mando is still a Mandalorian? Because he took his helmet off in front of all those officers and true he killed them but didn’t that one criminal see him but got away with his life?”

Others have some new predictions about how Mando is going to move forward now that he has violated one of the rules of his creed. 

Sophomore student Hunter Westover noted that “The Mandalorians are made up of different tribes and [Mando] is a part of an unknown faction of Mandalorians. With that said [Mando] doesn’t represent all Mandalorians.”

However, that could change with the upcoming season. In the last episode of the second season, Mando obtained the Darksaber, an ancient weapon that was wielded by the ruler of the Mandalorians. Now that the Darksaber is his, Mando is technically the leader of Mandalore. And that was part of many other theories. 

“Mando and Bo Katan will have friction because Mando is now technically the ruler of Mandalore,” guesses Smythe.

There were very mixed feelings about the way the season turned out. The appearance of Luke Skywalker threw some people for a loop, while others may have been expecting it. Multiple people said they thought Star Wars Rebels character Ezra Bridger would show up in this season, but season two was disappointingly Ezra-less. Forms response chart. Question title: After finishing the second season, you were:. Number of responses: 13 responses.

Almost fifty percent of the people polled said that when they saw the last episode they were happy but they still wished it could have ended differently. Lots of people were hoping for the appearance of Star Wars rebel characters Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger, but those who were hoping to see Ahsoka Tano were not disappointed. Although she was only in one of the episodes, Disney used it to segway into the new upcoming TV show following Ahsoka. And the Ahsoka show is not the only one that was teased in this season. According to Disney+, The Book of Boba Fett will be coming out with the third season of the Mandalorian.


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