The Responsibility Of A Journalist

Joshua Aldrich

The Charter News


Thinking like a journalist is “being curious enough to look beyond what is obvious and come up with deep, thought-provoking questions that get to the heart of a story,” said Allen Taylor, an award winning journalist who focuses on writing and content marketing in the financial technology niche. In order to think like a journalist, one needs to be ethical, know their audience, and the roles and responsibilities of a journalist.

Journalists need to put their biases aside and look for the truth, even if it goes against all the things they believe. The truth has to be heard no matter what, and journalists need to verify their sources to make sure they are factual and unbiased.

Journalists need to know their audience. As Magen Sharma, an author and writer, puts it, “imagine you are writing for one person. And don’t write a single word until you know who that person is, and why they will want to read what you have to say.” When writing good articles, journalists need to know their audiences’ likes, dislikes, and interests.

The responsibilities of a journalist are to gather information and spread the information with accuracy and fairness. Journalists also need to be able to verify their facts by finding enough sources that can confirm what has happened. “Journalists… gather and report news and provide the financial, managerial and technical support that is necessary to bring the news to the rest of us,” according to the Journalism Matters textbook, 2016.

Thinking like a journalist means knowing the audience, thinking ethically, and gathering information to share with readers.


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