When ACA Students Can Return to Campus— Weekly Updates.

Madalena Larkins 

The Charter News

Last updated 10/27/20 at 12:45 P.M.

ACA is currently implementing Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), and will continue to do so until the required metrics have been met. The charts below give an idea of how likely returning to in-person learning is during the 2020-2021 school year.

“It is confusing, and at the moment disheartening, as positive cases are on the rise again, taking us further from our goal of having in person classes,” said ACA’s Director, Seanna Bloemer, on October 3rd, “l anticipate we will be in some form of CDL throughout the winter; whether we will move beyond CDL this school year really is uncertain at this time.”

At a glance: In person classes may be allowed when the red squares are green. 

This chart is updated as soon as new information becomes available

ACA has established four levels of reopening and is currently in Level 1– Comprehensive Distance Learning. If and when required metrics are met, on both the state and county levels, ACA can move to the next level. 

Level 1 – Students will meet with their ESes virtually, and all classes are remote, involving both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Remote math and writing support will be available to Middle and High school students in certain cases. 

In order for ACA to move to Level 2, the following guidelines must be maintained for three weeks: No more than 5 percent of tests can come back positive per week, in Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Marion, and Washington counties individually, and the state of Oregon as a whole. The above counties must also have fewer than 30 cases per 100,000 people per week. As the chart below shows, the required metrics have not been met, and ACA cannot move into Level 2 at this time. 

Level 2 –  K-3rd graders will have the option to return to campus part time, classes will have 15 students or less, and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE)  safety guidelines will be adhered to. Students in grades 4th-12th will continue remote learning. 

Whether or not ACA can enter Level 3 from Level 2 depends on whether there’s an increase in positive cases in the county, or at ACA. If Level 2 goes well, and counties continue to meet metrics, ACA can move to Level 3.

Level 3 –  High schoolers will be given the opportunity to build community with peers in their grade level, and both students and staff will adhere to OHA and ODE safety guidelines. Classes will remain remote for students in grades 4th-12th, and K-3rd graders will be able to attend some classes on campus.

In order for ACA to enter Level 4, the following guidelines must be met three weeks in a row: There must be fewer than 10 cases per 100,000 people per week in Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Marion, and Washington counties, and the state of Oregon and the aforementioned counties must have less than or equal to 5 percent of tests coming back positive. Upon viewing the chart below, it becomes evident that the necessary metrics haven’t been met, and ACA can’t move into Level 4 yet. 

Level 4 – Students will be offered core classes on campus, both students and staff will adhere to OHA and ODE safety guidelines, including wearing face coverings. Students will continue to meet with their ESes Virtually. 

When the state of Oregon removes social distancing guidelines, the timing of which is anyone’s guess, students can return to campus full time. 

“We are taking a cautious and careful approach that protects public health, just as we have over the past five months in responding to this disease,” said Oregon Governor Kate Brown on July 28th after releasing the metrics for reopening schools, “If we don’t do this right, then the impacts of COVID-19 on students and the very functioning of our schools could deepen existing disparities in opportunity and outcomes for our children, and widen racial and socioeconomic inequality in our society.”


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