I’m Bored

Jack Taggart

The Charter Features


At last. I had just finished my final Zoom meeting of the day, turned in the last of the week’s assignments, and managed to keep the tsunami of daily emails from overflowing out of my inbox.

Now what?

With more time at my disposal than I would have ever imagined was possible for a high school sophomore, I found myself at a loss for how to occupy the hours that had previously only existed in my dreams. ‘What do I do know?’ I thought. Here are some things I came up with to keep one’s mind functioning without the benefit of public facilities or the social interaction with people other than the eight I see every day. 

Read that book. No matter your interest in reading, there are some great books out there on every subject, fiction or otherwise. However, with libraries closed, options are limited. You can search through your house for ones you might have overlooked. Who knows, they might be much more fascinating than you thought. There is also the option to buy books. Ebay, Amazon, and ThriftBooks are some places where you can order books online for decent prices.

These have been siting on a shelf for quite a while. They actually weren’t as boring as they look.

Unlock your inner musician. You know you’ve been meaning to pick up that old guitar or dust off those piano keys. Numerous free online tutorials are available for most instruments, and with regular practice, you could be playing at a proficient level within months. Not interested in the usual stuff? Is DJ more your style? Sites such as Soundtrap and Audiotool are available for free on your web browser and can provide hours of entertainment.

Get your Gordon Ramsey groove on. With all the stress and confusion happening in the world, some culinary delights do well at lifting spirits. Now’s the time to open the oven to the smell of raspberry pastries, or just perfect the timing on that Hot Pocket. See The Charter’s Comfort Food in Hard Times.

From sugar buns to salads, cooking makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Get fit. We all hate exercising until we don’t. A daily run or 15-minute workout helps immensely with mood while being locked up in your house. I’ve found biking down country roads to be particularly enjoyable.

Country roads, take me home.

Learn to do that one thing. Whether it be a doing backflip, juggling, riding a unicycle, or all of them simultaneously (okay maybe not), we all have that one talent that we never had the time to learn. Take the time to learn it and impress your friends when you return to school.

Remember to wear a helmet.

Research your future.  As a student, now is a good time to consider decisions in further education and your future career. Studying potential colleges and internships now can give you a good idea of what life path to embark on.    

Also note that this is an excellent time to prepare for taking the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which, although time-consuming, is an invaluable investment to spend an hour or so each week on.

Have fun with Bob Ross. This one is a must, whether you want to or not. Get out the canvas and brush, and paint some happy little trees.

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