What ACA’s High Schoolers are Doing

Cheyenna Hall

The Charter Features 


Students have been put in a difficult and trying situation along with the rest of the world. So while students try and get all their homework done at home they also are trying to think of ways to occupy their time. 

Cameron Burch, a freshman at ACA, has been spending more time in the great outdoors. 

“I’m a very active person so to pass the time I ride my mountain bike and workout in my garage I also build bike parks in the forest near my house.” 

Miriam Lee, a Sophomore at ACA, says, “Apart from school, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking, cleaning, spending time outside when it’s nice, and hanging out with my siblings way too much. I’ve also been spending a lot of time laying around doing nothing but watching TV or staring out the window.”

Junior Abigail Engle, has done “arts and crafts/ sleeping a doctor recommended amount.” 

Students have been struggling with not having the structure of school. 

Burch said, “I would say that I’m not really OK with no school but at the same time it’s nice not having to wake up and go learn. I would like to be able to see my friends who you would normally see at school everyday. So I would say that yes I’m ok with not going to school.”

Lee said, “it’s been a real adjustment… I definitely miss the classroom. I feel like online school for me strips all the best parts of school and leaves only the painfully dull aspects. It’s really hard to find the motivation, but I’m doing okay — it’s definitely helpful to know we only need 60% to pass classes because sitting down and staring at the computer screen all day has been a headache.”

Engle appreciates that “most teachers are giving great structure in their online classes which is helping me so much.”  

CoVID-19 has complicated many things, especially keeping up with  online classes. Burch said, “I was sick for a while so I am pretty far behind when it comes to math I’m caught up in every other class so I am concerned about not being able to get caught up in math but other than that I don’t have  any real concerns about not being in school.”

Lee says “I mean, this whole situation is hard. Being out of school is one thing, but on top of everything else going on in the world it’s scary. I miss my friends, and it’s been hard knowing the on-site school year ended so abruptly, but I think it’s important we’re staying home and taking good measures to stay safe.”

Engle says, “The hardest thing about this situation is less day to day structure, and not seeing friends.”

Since there are so many restrictions regarding where people can go and how many people can be in the same place at once, people are having to think of other things to do. 

Burch said, “I am already doing mostly everything that I want to do but one thing that I’m able to do is go on camping trips and go cliff jumping if the parks were still open that would make the corona thing a lot easier.” 

Lee said, “I wish I could spend time with my friends, I think everyone does, but I’m thankful I’m able to facetime and talk to them online. Honestly, staying home hasn’t been very boring for me. Yes, I’ve lost some sanity, but I have a lot of siblings and there’s always something to do.”

Engle said that she wishes  she  could hang out with her friends.

These examples of what students are doing might be helpful to those who are running out of ideas. 


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