ACA Rolls out New Leadership Class

Meredith Gerstner was responsible for planning the leadership class, which will be available to ACA highschoolers in the 2020-2021 school year.

Jack Taggart

The Charter News


A close look at the course list for the 2020-2021 ACA school year will reveal that a new class will be available to highschoolers: Leadership. 

The idea for the class came about when Mrs. Gerstner first became an ES at ACA, at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. 

Gerstner was concerned that some of her new ES students were having a difficult time warming up to the new ACA environment.  

Gerstner suggested to the admin team that she teach a leadership class. The team liked the idea, and Gerstner went to work.

Gerstner says that there is no set curriculum that she will be using for this particular class.

“My main focus will be on what makes a leader, and understanding different roles leaders can play,” said Gerstner.  Another focus of the class will be on how to better ACA through student planned events. 

Unfortunately, Gerstner was only able to promote the class for a week before schools closed, but so far, feedback has been sanguine. “Our counselor, Alicia Heinsoo, has been discussing it with some students that come and visit her and the reception seems positive,” Gerstner noted.


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