ODE Releases New Guidelines for Awarding Grades And Credit to Students

Madalena Larkins

The Charter News


State officials released new policies for awarding grades and credit to students in grades K-11, amid the ongoing school closure. 

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released an announcement on April 15th, stating: “Students who demonstrate evidence of essential learning by the end of the spring 2020 term, shall receive a ‘Pass’ and the corresponding course credit.”

During the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, high schoolers who aren’t in the graduating class of 2020 who receive a 60 percent or higher grade in their classes will receive full credit. Students whose grades are not up to that 60 percent threshold will have to develop plans with their teachers to get the work completed.

“Schools should provide targeted academic supports to ensure essential learning in the fall or when the student re-engages in school…students who were earning a passing mark in the subject area or course prior to school closure should not be academically penalized,” said ODE guidance. 

According to those policies, ACA has designated that all assignments for high schoolers are worth one point, and if a student receives a 60 percent or higher on the assignment, they get 1/1. Incomplete assignments will not be scored.

The same rules apply to middle schoolers taking high school courses. 

Students will receive either a pass, or an incomplete in each class, any grades from the second semester will not factor into Grade Point Averages (GPAs). 

For Elementary and Middle school students, it’s largely the same as with the students in grades 9-11, except teachers of K-8 students may also use standards and report progress toward standards.

ACA administrators did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. 


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