Students React to School Closure

Madalena Larkins

The Charter News


Nearly 600,000 public school students in Oregon are out of school. This comes on March 17th, after Governor Kate Brown announced that all public schools must close and remain closed until April 28th, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The decision of whether or not to reopen schools will continue to be re-evaluated. 

ACA students had mixed feelings about the closure. 

Abigail Reynolds, an 8th grader, said she was “not happy.” Rebecca Olson, a sophomore, was “excited and kinda bummed at the same time.” 

Kyra Shubin, a sophomore, said “I think it’s definitely inconvenient since it is finals week for most people and we all have projects that are due and performances to work on.” 

Owen McLaughlin, freshman, thinks that “school closing gives a bit of a break for some people who have been getting a bit tired of school.” 

McLaughlin also noted that: “Homeschooling and [Google] Classroom allow ACA to be like an online curriculum, which I find to be quite positive.” Katelynn Reynolds, a freshman, disagreed, saying “I think it will be hard to do everything online, a lot of the classes didn’t have a chance to go over how it was going to work.” 

Most of the students interviewed said that they agreed with the governor’s decision to close schools. Shubin approved of the decision, noting “…there are students that are coming from all sorts of different places that could lead the virus into other people’s lives.” Abigail, however, had the one dissenting opinion, and said she disagreed with the governor’s decision, though she didn’t offer an explanation. 

All the students interviewed thought that it was necessary for public health to close schools. Sixth grader Levi Reynolds noted: “I would rather stay home than get sick.” 

None of the students interviewed expressed surprise to the closure. 


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