Drama Club Junior Debates Next Production

Cheyenna Hall

The Charter  Opinions


This year the Drama Jr. Class performed Lion King Jr. the Musical. Now they are brainstorming  for next year. They should either do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The Wizard of Oz. Both of these would be great because we have done them in the past and it would be cool to see the differences with having a  different cast. 

The Stagecraft class gave their opinion. Charlie Beatty, a middle schooler in Stagecraft, mentioned that they could do Annie the musical again. (She shared the part of Annie in the play and had a lot of fun.) 

Ashley Foushe, a new sophomore at ACA and a member of Stagecraft, said she would like to see Drama Jr. do either Aladdin or Moana

Cameron Burch, a highschooler in Stagecraft, said that he thinks we should do The Wizard of Oz next year. 

Some kids in Stagecraft said that they don’t want to do a play with only animals again.

However, some others said that they do like the animals, but they want a play  without Disney princesses. 

Ana Phelan, a middle schooler in Stagecraft and Drama Jr. said, “I think we should do Mary Poppins II. And I don’t want it to be a Disney play.” 

Mary Poppins and Romeo and Juliet was also a popular choice because members of Stagecraft  wanted the opportunity to build things and move sets. 

Kiera McKay, a 7th grader in Stagecraft thinks performing Annie the Musical, or Beauty and the Beast would be fun.

Breanna Davis, a high schooler in Stagecraft said, “I would like our school to do High School Musical.” 

Hanna Harrop, a high schooler in Stagecraft said, “I think we should do Beetlejuice because it was one of my favorite plays as a kid.”

Darla Hall said, “ I am thinking about Seussical the  Musical, Beauty and the Beast or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We have not made our decision yet, but hopefully we will decide by May.” 

Darla Hall thinks, “We could do Broadway  Peter Pan or the Disney version of Peter Pan because we have a huge alligator head sitting in the attic that was donated.”

When Darla Hall and Deborah Brenner are deciding on the play they often look at all the props and scenery that we have from the current play to keep costs down and recycle stuff. 

Brenner, the Stagecraft teacher and co-teacher of Drama Jr., said, “One play I would love to do is The Sister Act. I have also thought about The Parent Trap because maybe we could even have someone cut their hair on stage which would be cool. The Sound of Music, Matilda, and The Wizard of Oz are also good choices and we could possibly even have a real dog (as Toto).”

Brenner said “I am hoping that in the future we can have an all school/all grades musical– Like having an older class and a younger class that can come together and have one big play. This is probably not going to happen next year but hopefully in the near future.”

Brenner  thinks that having an all-age school musical would be really cool. In every play there are characters of all ages so it just makes sense to have all aged performers. The author has also been involved in all grade productions and enjoyed it very much. 

If you are interested in being involved in an all-age musical productions at ACA feel free to let Brenner know because she is looking for feedback. Also if you have an opinion on what the next Drama Jr. play should be, you can make suggestions to Brenner or Hall. 


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