Which staff member do you enjoy most at ACA, and why?

Connie Johnson, Parent.

Mr. Toth. That man is amazing. He gets kids to learn. It’s just so amazing to see him teaching in a classroom, and to see it all click in the kids minds.

Another great one is Mrs. Edinger. She is extremely patient with kids. I don’t know how she does it, but it is amazing.

AJ McQuarters, Highschool Student.

I really like Mr. Toth. He is very supportive. Mrs. Norville is cool too.

Alicia Hiensoo, Staff Member.

I definitely enjoy working with Mrs. Calhoun. She is always so positive. She’s just a fun person to be around.

Jefferson Gillespie, Middle School Student (denied photo).

Mrs. Best. She’s good at soccer.