Live Action Disney Remakes

Chloe Lute

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Over the past few years Disney has released a number of live-action remakes of the classics. Dumbo, Alladin, and The Lion King are just a few of the many that have been made, or are set to be released in 2020. A live-action Mulan will be released this coming March.

This school year Drama Club Jr. is performing Disney’s Lion King. Mrs. Darla Hall, the teacher of the class, says that “I have always liked the Lion King movie, but was very impressed with the live action version. It was very well done, beautiful, and realistic. If I had to choose one, I would prefer the live action. I love to see the real animals and the beautiful scenery. It did not take anything away from the original, it only enhanced it.”

Levi Reynolds, 6th grade student, says, “I really loved Aladdin,” when asked what live action remakes he enjoyed best.

Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast were really good, and Alladin was alright.” says Alix Jenik Freshman at ACA. She also said, “I liked the Cinderella one better, but that’s probably because I didn’t really watch the animated Cinderella.”

The popular opinion appears to be that the remakes are just as good, or even better than the originals. The newly revealed Disney Plus on-demand streaming service offers many of these movies as well as the original versions for anyone interested in watching these.


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