Math Coffee Shop

Oliver Heimbigner

The Charter News


There is now a new math coffee shop in ACA. It was started by Mr. Toth to help students in his Consumer Math class learn how to deal with managing money. 

They serve many types of espressos like lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, along with sugar and milk, diary and dairy-free milk.

“The coffee shop is hoping to expand their products and get treats for students, teachers and parents but they don’t know if they have the permission to have snacks,” said Mr. Toth. 

The shop opens one day a week early in the morning, Thursday 8-9am. All the money that they’re getting from the coffee buyers is going to supplies and if they get enough money from buyers, they will donate it to charity or someone who needs it most, Toth said. The customers of this coffee really do enjoy the coffee.

“I thought it was pretty good, and on Tuesday I wondered why nobody brought me one, typical pattern. They get you hooked and make you go to them it’s that good,” says Chad Wynne, an ES and history teacher in ACA. 

Not just the teachers are loving the coffee but parents and grandparents. “They had good service when they brought me my coffee. I usually get Dutch bros in the morning but this is way easier and better tasting,” says Debra Galambos a grandparent in ACA. 

Not even the teachers, parents and grandparents but some students that haven’t even had the coffee and they’re even liking the idea.  “I love coffee especially in the mornings when I go to school, this coffee shop I think would help the students really learn real life money actions. It’s a great idea!” says Christian Hall an 11th grader at ACA. This coffee shop is already a big hit in the mornings. 


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