Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club at ACA

By: Chloe Lute

ACA’s Gender Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, has recently been reinstituted for the 2019/20 school year. The founder of the club believes it is perfect for anybody looking for somewhere where they can express themselves comfortably. 

Gender Sexuality Alliance would be defined as the state of everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, being joined or associated. 

The GSA meets Tuesdays during lunch, in the media arts room. The staff supervisor is Alicia Heinsoo, ACA’s new counselor. Marissa Ramsay, the student leader of GSA says that “as of right now we are just getting things started,” so it’s not too late to join in.  Usually there are approximately 10 students in a meeting. 

The goal of the club is to create a safe and welcoming space for students of all gender identities and romantic orientations. Ramsay says that at the beginning of a meeting they will ask everyone a question such as “what are you most thankful for” this creates a discussion for the better part of the meeting, and gets people involved and interacting with others, differences aside.

Ramsay says that GSA affects the community in both “a positive and a negative way. There’s definitely a lot of conservative people, but there’s also a lot of people who are put into conservative situations and feel isolated and uncomfortable. I really want the GSA to be a place where they can feel comfortable and express who they are!” 

Alix Jenik, a freshman, who’s a part of the Gender Sexuality Alliance says that “GSA gives me a place to belong, no judgment, no assumptions, it’s safe.” 

Anyone and everyone above seventh grade is invited to meet with the GSA Tuesdays during lunch, and they hope to see you there.