ACA’s Many Committees

Cheyenna Hall The Charter News 11/18/2019

ACA has many committees that staff members are involved in. Some are for the staff and some are more beneficial for the students. Staff members are the people who run the committees. There are many committees and each of them are different and do different things. 

“The purpose of committees are to focus on school improvement. To support the families students parents and teachers.” Julie Swanson’s response to what she thinks the purposes of the committees are. 

Committees such as the Teacher Cohort Committee or the Social Committee are both committees that benefit the staff members. Other committees are more beneficial to the students like the Equity Committee that helped the GSA get the “All Means All” sign in the hallway in 2018. 

Mrs. Cantrell has been an ES since the founding of ACA and is still an ES today. She’s been on her share of committees.  Mrs. Cantrell said, “Committees do a variety of work, and staff is allowed to choose what feels important to them.” 

Mrs. Cantrell goes on to say, “Social Committee is tasked with keeping staff morale high, and we want each staff member to feel valued! This past year, the ES committee with Mrs Brainerd was tasked with ‘behind the scenes’ ES paperwork.” 

Mrs. Cantrell explains that every staff member is given a certain amount of hours kinda like the students community service but for the committees. Depending on  their work schedule and if they are working full time or part time may change the number of hours they are required to do. Some of the staff are on one committee and some are on more than one depending on what job inside their committee that they have. 

Over the years that ACA has been a school, there have been many changes to what committees we have. According to Mrs. Cantrell “Lots of changes, new committees form, some fade away…” 

Most committees meet monthly, though some choose to meet fewer times, but for longer. Also, these are different from department meetings, which teachers are required to be a part of.

  • All of the Current Committees at ACA
  • Teacher Cohort Committee
  • Growth Mindset Committee
  • Equity Committee 
  • Math Committee
  • ELA Committee
  • Stewardship Committee
  • Social Committee. 

Sources -Kathleen Cantrell email interview -Julie Swanson live interview