Archery Club

By Oliver Heimbigner   The Charter News 10/28/19

ACA has a new archery club coming soon, and many students are interested in joining. 

“The Archery club will be cool because I used to do archery, and archery is cool,” said Seth Ellicott, a 10th grader at ACA.

Drew Holland the creator of this archery club says:

“I think it is important to have a different variety of physical education options at ACA. Some of the clubs we have had in the past — like basketball and soccer — are high intensity. These clubs are great but cater to a specific type of athlete. Archery Club will be an option for students who want to come into the gym and join a fun, relaxed environment,”

Archery equipment.

The club hasn’t started yet but Mr. Holland is hoping to get the club started by early November. The main practice idea for this club is to teach kids how to shoot and handle a bow properly.  There will be games along with them like closer to the target and popping balloons. The Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife (ODFW) has provided stuff for this archery club to happen.

For schools or organizations to participate, here are the requirements:
From the ODFW program send proof of permission to begin the National Archery School Program. (NASP) from the school’s Principal and/or Athletic Director to ODFW’s Archery Education Coordinator.

  1. Attend a 1-day, 8-hour class to obtain your Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) certification. All NASP instructors must have a BAI certification.
    1. Certifications are provided by ODFW at no cost.
    2. Visit to find upcoming BAI classes OR contact the Archery Education Coordinator to ask about hosting your own BAI class.
  2. Get equipment! For a limited time, ODFW is providing equipment kits at no cost.
    1. Equipment kits are regularly priced around $3,000. Kits include:
      1. 10 right-handed Genesis bows
      2. 2 left-handed Genesis bows
      3. 5 dozen arrows
  1. 5 targets
  2. 1 arrow curtain
  3. 1 bow rack
  4. 1 equipment repair kit
  5. Start shooting!
    1. NASP must take place for 10+ hours per year during the regularly scheduled school day.
    2. Schools can also build a NASP After-School Club.
    3. Students are encouraged to compete within the state and nationally, where they can win scholarships for any post-secondary education.

This list will be everything that is included with the archery club thanks to the ODFW.  

Mr. Holland took the class last spring and qualified ACA so students have this new opportunity.

“I hope students gain confidence in learning a new skill. Archery is also a great activity at developing better hand-eye coordination. If they really end up loving archery, then hopefully some of the students will look into competitive archery or bow hunting. Most importantly though, I hope students have some fun,” said Mr. Holland.


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