ACA’s Fall Concerts are Just Around the Corner

by: Chloe Lute

Students at Alliance Charter Academy are tuning their instruments and shining their dress shoes for the quickly arriving music showcase weekend. The students, teachers, and parents are anxiously awaiting the music filled weekend.

The students have been working hard in preparation for the showcases. Kiera McKay, grade seven, says “It makes me nervous and excited at the same time, nervous about being on stage, but excited because we’ve all been working really hard and I think that we sound really good” in regards to how she feels about the upcoming showcase.

Torren Lewis, grade 9 had an all around positive view on the upcoming concert. He said “I’m really excited about it (the musical showcases), it’s always a great experience every year, performing and seeing what others have worked towards this year.”

This year the musical showcases are earlier than usual. When interviewed Mr. Cheskin said that “The decision was made that from a curricular standpoint, it would make more sense to do the concert earlier, and also we thought that it could be easier on parents who have a busy holiday season. We have gotten feedback consistent with this notion.”

There will be two musical showcases over the weekend. Orchestra 1 Beginning, Orchestra 2 Sinfonietta, Orchestra 3 Concert, Chamber Ensembles, Band, and Orchestra 4 Symphony will be performing on Friday the 15th, at 6 pm. Musical Education and Elementary Arts Classes, Rhythm and Drumming, Ukulele 1, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Guitar 3, and Rock Band classes will be performing the next day, Saturday the 16th, at 3 pm.

Before both of the concerts there will be a dinner available to buy for $7.50 a meal if pre-ordered by Wednesday the 13th, or $8 at the door. They are serving taco salad, dessert and lemonade. All money raised goes to funding Symphonic Orchestras trip to Carnegie Hall this coming spring. 

When asked if their classes were prepared for the early concert Mr. Cheskin said “Absolutely!” Mrs. Mersereau said “Yes, as a group, definitely. Some students are not quite there, as they may be used to learning more in class and not practicing as much at home. This schedule will encourage at-home learning in the future and to stay on course with progressing on their own in between classes. “

Everyone in the music program, students, teachers, and parent volunteers have worked super hard to prepare this showcase. Take time this weekend to show your support to our ACA musicians!


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