Taking in new families

Kailyn McKay

The Charter News


ACA has seen some new faces, since 2007. This year there are 70 new students that registered, according to Mrs. Diana Brainerd. So many family and friends of other current students want in and start a new schooling life here, she added.

A new student this year participates in Stagecraft class.

Alliance can accept, at most, 395 students each year and as of late September we have 390, according to Mrs. Brainerd. We are a smaller school, but people will come and go throughout the year. 

When our students leave they usually want “another school setting, usually something more traditional,” said Brainerd. Sometimes people move out of the area, so they can no longer make the drive to ACA, but also contradicting that, people who may live in Canby or Estacada still make the long drive every day.

ACA supports every individual student and parent in what type of learning they get.  At times, this way of learning is difficult for students so it may take a while until it fits with them. The new students fill the void of the old students leaving allowing students to make new friends, according to Mrs. Brainerd 

 Students have a variety of reasons why they stay or leave.

Max Schimmelbusch, a former student, said, “I left ACA to get a more structured education where i wont [sic] have any gaps or holes (missing credits) and so I can graduate with a bigger more recognizable diploma. Also guaranteed 97% chance I’ll graduate.” 

He continues talking about ACA, “Everybody was super nice! I immediately was accepted by everyone. It was so easy to make friends, there’s no competition for attention. Everybody wears their heart on their sleeve and they let you know how they are feeling. Everybody is like a big family and they always come back together even though sometimes people don’t always agree.”

New students face many challenges. They have a hard time knowing where classes are and coping with the different scheduling. With being a homeschool and a charter school, it can be hard because we have more homework than a regular standard public school. 

Going to ACA, then to public school, and back again to ACA, Rebecca Burton says the ACA environment, “It Is much lighter, happier and more family orientated.”

Madalena Larkins, grade 9, likes how people at ACA help one another.

 “I think it’s fun. It’s fun like the challenge finding personalized ways to explain. Every student understands differently,” she said.

The ACA community has such a unique way of learning and teaching. Parents have their own curriculum which they can instruct towards their kids and either choose to homeschool, do on site classes, or both. 


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