Student Starts Dungeons & Dragons Club

Rebecca Burton

The Charter News


You can now see dragons, elves, and witches roaming the halls of ACA! This year the school has added a new club, the dungeons and dragons club where people can discuss their favorite characters and levels. Come as you explore the world of dungeons and dragons. This club is for the inspired dungeons and dragons players who want to share their awesome view on the game. 

“It will help make new friendships and bonding between fellow students,” stated Carla Calhoun, parent liaison.

Jack Wecker (left) plays D&D with Logan Morris during a recent club meeting.

Dungeons and dragons (or D&D) is a fun, interactive, role playing game (or RPG) where you get to play as your favorite characters. You also get to work with other students to create new adventures or sessions.  According to Wikipedia, D&D was published in 1974 at the time role-play was not a big thing, which is why it is believed to help the start of today’s modern day role-play.

Teacher Marcus Yonce says, “I find playing Dungeons & Dragons (and other tabletop RPGs) to be a great way to work with other people to come up with really interesting stories. I like seeing how characters interact and develop from session to session. I also really enjoy learning how the mechanics work and figuring out how to make characters that are really effective and fun to play. I also have a lot of friends who are in the hobby, so it’s a great way to do something fun while I’m hanging out with my friends.”

Calhoun, the on-site staff member, said that she had never played D&D herself, but had heard that a student Jack Wecker would like to find a new way to meet new people. Calhoun was later having a conversation with Jack’s mom, Marty Wecker. 

“We are always open to students starting a club,” Calhoun said. 

Calhoun questioned if there was something Jack really liked to do. That’s when the idea sparked that he liked D&D. Marty and Calhoun agreed that they would start the D&D club.

The club started on Wednesday, October 9th, and meets every second and fourth  of the month. They meet in the study hall room, 3:30 to 5:00. Marty Wecker is playing as one of the Dungeon Master (DM).  The club is for middle school and high school students with a small exception for the upper elementary enthusiast. There is no experience required to join and all supplies will be provided for each player.


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