2019 Harvest Ball

Kailyn McKay

The Charter News


The Harvest Ball was held in the cafeteria at 7:00 pm on Friday, October 25. 

Twenty tickets were sold from the study hall in advance of the event, according to Merrie Miller, our study hall teacher and ticket salesperson. She said that usually kids don’t start buying tickets till the last week. 

Sophomore Haladar Wright was one of the dance committee members. He has attended the meetings, and even brainstormed the idea of The Twilight Zone. “It’s normal, but everything is just a little off,” Haladar says.

There was a possibility of reusing the decorations from previous years from the dances. Last year they had about seven to ten people help set up past years Harvest Ball. It took  four hours, according to Haladar. They did have chaperones’ help, but they usually ask parents, or the member’s parents. The helpers were mostly students from the Drama Club. They do have a few new faces, but not a lot.

Seanna Bloemer, the principal of the school, gave a little intel before the event of what she usually does, and deeper information on the dance. The dress code is in ACA’s handbook. Masks were allowed, but the administration staff  have to identify the student with the mask, and then determine if the student could wear the mask.

“All non- ACA students must complete a guest permission slip- get them from Sultana in the main office. They need parent permission and to comply with the dress code,”said Seanna, before the event, as she explained about friends and family that may be student’s plus one, or guests that will be attending the dance with them. 

I did the Harvest dance (not dressed up) and prom last year, but I am not able to attend the Harvest Dance this year. Other administrators will attend,” she said before the event.

The dance committee brought Seanna posters to sign so they could put them up in the halls, and they also came to her to run event request ideas by her.

Danelle Till was the supervisor and on-site staff member, who helped the students create the dance. She gave the committee $300 for the dance. The money usually gets used up closer to the dance, and when they need it, Till said before the event. A lot of the money was used for food and snacks.

The dance was a new experience, since the school has not had the theme, Twilight Zone, before. There was a frightening walk through experience, upstairs in the gym.

 Mrs. Till has been helping with dances for  six or seven years. She said before the event that the dance won’t be as extravagant as it was two years ago, because a parent spent time and effort on making the decorations, but this year the students will be making decorations.`

Ash Scott was the DJ, and played some cool songs. Before the event Wright said he hoped, “The atmosphere will be filled with joy. The decorations no matter how extravagant they are the dance will be exciting. Spending time with friends and dancing and having fun. It’ll be a good time over all.”


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