Phone Policy

Oliver Heimbigner

The Charter News


On the campus of ACA, a new phone policy has been ratified. Some students dislike it, and many students simply ignore the policy. 

The director of ACA Seanna Bloemer says about this policy, “I think phones can be a distraction in the classroom if there are not clear expectations. I believe the policy sets clear guidelines so all students know what the rules are regarding phones in the classroom.”

She feels hopeful that a positive influence will influence the students, although she says you can use your phone or electronic device if it has to do with learning experience. 

“Honestly, I haven’t had anyone come talk to me about the policy. From what I have heard, most students are in favor of it and it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. Often times other students are distracted by someone else’s use of a phone in the classroom and there are students that appreciate the policy for this reason,” said Seanna Bloemer.

The policy is not new to ACA, it’s just been told to students more than ever before.

As Sophomore Josh Smith said “I think it’s not any different as the one before.” This new policy has been here before but not as stringent as this school year. What would make the school board want this upon us.

In the ACA student handbook about the policy stated:

“If the public charter school implements a curriculum that uses technology, students may be allowed to use their own electronic devices to access the curriculum. Students who are allowed

to use their own devices to access the curriculum will be granted access to any application or electronic materials when they are available to students who do not use their own devices for curriculum.” Some students have mixed feeling about it, 

 “I think it is helpful for some students, but it makes it harder for some students to do work that they need to do. I also don’t think we should get in trouble for having our phones on the table because, I mean, would you rather have it in our pocket and take it out and sneak texting or games or that ever. Also they don’t even know 100% that it is in our backpacks it could just be in our pocket.” said Grana Khan a 10th grader.

Teachers are given discretion whether they wish to have their students use their personal devices in class. Megan Burt, who is an ES Education Specialist and teaches a high school US History class says she sometimes finds them useful.

“Having the freedom in my class to use phones when we need them at most I use so the students can learn and research on them,” says Megan Burt. As around ACA a lot of students. 

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