Stephanie Young Takes School Pictures

Madalena Larkins

The Charter News


School pictures were different this year. Stephanie Young—a longtime ACA parent—took school pictures, instead of someone outside of ACA, like we’ve had in past years.
 It seems that there was an overall positive reaction to the new photographer and backdrop. Young chose to take the pictures outside in front of the bricks instead of doing them inside with a gray background and artificial plants, like the previous photographer. 

Eighth-grade student Charity Cooper said “I kind of like the new backdrop because it looks more natural.” Cooper wishes that there was a longer period of time in which you could get your picture taken. 

ACA student Sabrina Stewart said,  “It [the new backdrop] makes it seem not so posed, more real.’’ Stewart also said that she thought school pictures had improved this year. 

Julie Swanson, lead teacher, said “I am very excited that the school photographer is from our school.” When asked what she thought of the backdrop Swanson said “I love it.” And her hopes for the future of photography at ACA was: “I hope she [Young] does it again next year.”

It’s unclear whether or not Young will take school pictures again next year. Young had this to say: “If they [Director Seanna Bloemer and/or ACA admin] want me to, if they ask me to, I’m definitely prepared to.” Young described this year as a learning year and said “I got lots of ways to improve the process next year; I’m going to have a separate day for preschool and kindergarteners, and do a sign up system where students can sign up for openings in their schedule, and then I’m going to kind of fast pass teachers and highschoolers so that they can get back to class.” 

Young said this about her background/experience in photography: “I’ve been a photographer—self taught photographer—for about…12 years, I have been to [photography] school but I didn’t finish it, I’m a Fine Arts photographer, I work with kids with special needs, disabilities and illnesses.” Young has also taken photos for the ACA website and at graduation ceremonies. 


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