Do you think the do/due planner system is good or doo-doo?

by Oliver Heimbigner & Haladar Wright

Paige Stickney 12th grade

Paige Stickney: “I think it helps some students, but for me personally, I use a different way. So I think it just depends on the person.”

Makenna Gilbert 9th grade

Makenna Gilbert: “Well, I think it’s pretty helpful because then you’re more organized and you know like, okay, because then you can, plan out that I can do my homework right now, or I can do my homework over the weekend. And then it’s due on Monday.”

Erika Lute parent

Erika Lute: “I am a fan of planners and i think it’s a really good idea, it helps kids with time management skills can help with their education.”

Alicia Heinsoo school councelor

Alicia Heinsoo: “I think it works for some students and it doesn’t work for other students but its a developing system of making sure the students knows what he/she is supposed to do.”

William Poindexter 12th grade

William Poindexter: “I personally don’t have any experience as with ive never used a planner this year, but what i have heard of just being around people saying they don’t like it, and figuring out there own system that works for them. Generally standardize that are supposed to be one size fits all sometimes doesn’t work for all students.”