How do you think ACA has changed over the years?

Cheyenna Hall


 “ACA has changed a lot over the years but one thing that has definitely changed is the backgrounds of the students who are currently enrolled and the students who were around at the beginning of the school. We have less and less real homeschool families every year and more kids coming from the public schools in the area. Not that that is a bad thing but it does change the nature of our school for better or worse.” Abigail Engle, 11 grade.

“I think ACA has changed a lot throughout the years. ACA is so unique because of the closeness of all of the students and teachers; but since a lot of “OG” teachers and students left, the school is a lot different. Although the school has a lot more rules which will most definitely change the school for the better, the rules can seem a bit strict compared to what we’re used to.” Allison Jackson, 15, grade 10.
“It has become more of a public school than a family.”  Grana Khan, grade 11.
“ We have more administration support than when the start of the school when Lara and Jill had all the work of running the whole school. And now there is a whole team of administration to keep everything in order and running. We also have many specialists who are here to help kids with their specific needs which is something that we definitely lacked at the start of ACA.” Mr. Toth a math teacher and onsite parent.

By: Cheyenna Hall