Senior Prank or Legacy Project?

By: Cheyenna Hall

Since the first day of grade school, to the awkwardness of middle school, through challenging high school and finally to senior year, seniors have been getting ready to go out into the world and give it their best, ready to prove that they have what it takes to go anywhere and accomplish anything. Even though sometimes they get a little ahead of themselves and think they are adults before they are, they are still almost out on their own and need the freedom to explore the world while they still have time to make stupid mistakes. They look forward to senior their prank and plan for it all during high school. It is an exciting tradition that students look forward to.

For years senior prank has been a fun and exciting tradition that kids have participated in, where seniors put all the chairs in the cafeteria or turn desks upside down. They get to decide as a class of young capable adults what to do and then follow it through as a team. It helps them to accept other opinions and ideas that others have and then create something using teamwork and unity. They enjoy having all the power and not having to ask someone for permission to do whatever they are planning because it is their day and their choice. 

Seanna Bloemer, ACA’s principal, had this to say: “I think that senior prank is a fun activity for the students but I think that they should leave a legacy so that other people in the future can see who they were.” 

She went on to say how she has witnessed first-hand how some of the previous senior pranks have gone too far. A few years ago she got a scar from when the students strung string up and down the hallway and she tripped and got a very memorable scar. 

Many people like Shulikov believe that senior prank needs to remain a tradition that ACA students are allowed to participate in. Although seniors need to understand that when they go a little overboard with their festivities then they will be expected to clean up afterwards. When asked what their reaction would be if our school stops having senior prank this is how some of our students responded. 

I think I’d feel bothered or annoyed, because it would be fun, and it’s a tradition, and something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Shulikov who is in tenth grade.

 “I would be very (not pleased), as it is my only year to participate.” answered Christian Hall who is a senior this year. 

We have many people like Bloemer and Shulikov who want this tradition to continue even if they have a few ideas about how senior prank should be improved. Bloemer thinks that some changes could be beneficial so that no classes are disturbed and there are not  huge messes for the teachers or other staff to clean up. 

Some ways that our students could leave a legacy and still be involved in the senior prank are like Justin Dille who was a senior a few years ago; he put pictures all over the school of himself so that we could see him everyday even though he was no longer attending our school.

Although some students just want to “have a good time” and do “something goofy to end off our years in high school,” leaving a legacy doesn’t always mean doing a lot of work it just means doing something with meaning behind it that can inspire others to be themselves and to go into the world and make it a better place. 

Senior prank is loved by many people, even people who have not participated in it yet such as Shulikov and Hall. Many students said they would like to be given the opportunity to have those memories of pranking the school, such as  flipping the cafeteria tables upside down or filling the halls with balloon.