Changes to ACA Building

Chloe Lute

The Charter News


Over the summer a few of Alliance Charter Academy’s rooms got refurnished to be more functional and appealing. Some of the biggest changes include the Guitar room and the Study Hall.

The Guitar Room, room 116, got a new paint job and is now completely reorganized. There’s now a board on the back wall which holds all of the smaller instruments and things in an organized way. Mr. Heinsoo use these new tools often.

Mr. Heinsoo takes a tambourine off the perforated cork board during Rock Band Class

Another big change was to Study Hall. Ms. Miller’s desk has now been moved nearer the entrance, so the sign in is now on her desk. The whole new setup of Study Hall is a lot more welcoming and that is what Ms. Miller says she likes best about it. The Study Hall room now has a lot of big, cozy chairs, which Mrs. Brainerd says she got thrift shopping.

Student lounges in the new chairs in Study Hall

The high school Science room was reorganized by Ms. Pen. All of the tables were revarnished. There are also outlets coming down from the ceiling, which have been used for electronic microscopes, amongst other things.

Outlets are hanging from the ceiling in Ms. Monte’s science class

Regarding funding for these changes, Mrs. Brainerd says “In general we have some funding set aside for either special projects or furniture updates.” Over the summer the administration thrift shopped a lot for all of the rooms in order to make sure everything was as cheap and economical as possible.

In the future, the ACA administration would like to repaint, and re-carpet some of the rooms. Unlike repainting and carpeting, there are more legal restrictions with updating the bathrooms. “Unfortunately it’s the district that needs to do those things and it’s also very expensive, so not likely,” says Mrs. Brainerd on redoing the bathrooms in the future.