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Jack Taggart 

The Charter News 


It’s that time of year again, as teachers, parents, and students set the ball rolling with the new 2019-2020 school year. And with more than fifty million students enrolled, (according to the National Center for Education Statistics), this is  not only a big adjustment for the public school system, but also an adjustment for many students, parents, and teachers. Although school technically started three weeks ago, summer memories still linger. So, how do students, parents and staff feel about coming back to school?

“I’d say it’s quite an adjustment,” says Tazwell Brandabur, Grade 10. “The schedule, workload, and socialization can all be difficult to get back into.” 

“…Mostly, I fall back into the school year without much of an adjustment. I love having the summer with less of a schedule, but I also love coming back,” says Margo Edinger, a science teacher at ACA.

Emails for this survey were sent on September 27 and published on October 2.

Although the sentiment of going back to school was about fifty/fifty split among those interviewed (via personal interview and Google forms), the general consensus at the beginning of the year was that coming back to school after a three month hiatus was at least somewhat of  an adjustment. Why is that?

“It’s a change to go from summer and having a lot of time to get to do what I want, and then not have as much time to do what I want because of homework,” says Max Taggart, Grade 7.  This rings true for many. Your used to getting to sleep in, having less responsibility, with freedom to use your time as you please. Then you switch to a life run by schedules, deadlines, and quite a bit more responsibility in a matter of days. This will require at least some adaptation.

A helpful tip to make the adjustment easier is to take full advantage of school planners, a wonderful invention that can be very helpful in mitigating the stress a new school year can bring. If the ones issued by the school don’t seem to be working for you, feel free to explore other planner options. There are many different versions available online and at many local stores. 

Another method that can make the school year more enjoyable is to set things to look forward to periodically, such as having a pizza/game night at your house with your friends, or building a potato cannon. This can be helpful to have as a motivation while working on schoolwork.   

Whether you like, love, or merely tolerate school, there are many ways to make it much more enjoyable.  

After all, you made it through last year, and lived to tell the tale.

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