ACA and the Phone Dilemma

By: Alyssa DiLoreto – 5/20/19

The ACA admin is really wanting to work on reinforcing the phone policy. It’s a pretty hard subject that is argued on a lot. Cell phones are big problems for many schools. Students sometimes forget that they are not usually allowed to have their phones out during class. Here at ACA we have a phone policy in place that some here fail to acknowledge.

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The ACA Phone Policy states: “Cell phones are to be kept in a student’s backpack during class unless the teacher has requested the student use the device for classroom use. Please review the class syllabus for any other expectations”

Students don’t always follow this rule. Sometimes they leave their phones on the table next to them. The phone problem really gets broken down into what the teacher wants in their class.

“I don’t object to phones in class if they are in their backpacks,” says science teacher, Ann Heppner. “I wish students would voluntarily put them in their backpacks without me reminding them.” When asked if teachers should take phones away from students she said “I would rather not have to do it.”

“I think phones are a distraction.” Says Spanish Teacher Kristen Kohl. “Although I understand some kids need it for music. I think the phone policy should clarify the music situation.”

“ While I see the need for a better phone policy, I really don’t want my teachers just taking my phone from me.” Says ACA student, Sydney Starr. “As Mrs. Heppner would say, what if we need to use our “magical devices” during class? I also need to be able to use my phone during the day to contact my ride to and from school. If my phone became a problem for me, I would respect my teacher taking it away, but if it’s not a problem I’d like to keep it.”

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