Senior prank

Rachel Shulikov

The Charter News 5/22/2019

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Last year’s seniors may be the last ones to have done a senior prank, if Seanna Bloemer, ACA director gets her way. She want the seniors to do a “legacy project” instead. But Anna Pullella, this years graduate would rather be the last senior to do a prank.   

“My first reaction was shock because senior prank is something that is supposed to be           something special for the seniors and ending their high school years with something fun and goofy,” said Anna Pullella

Pullella wasn’t sure about the other seniors’ reactions, but she said they did seem disappointed. The seniors have college classes and different schedules, so they don’t have any plans now. “I still have to talk to Seanna about the overall idea and the other seniors,” Pullella said.

What legacy project means isn’t really clear, and unfortunately Seanna wasn’t able to be reached for her full opinion on what she meant about a “legacy project.” But here are what a few teachers think of a legacy project or senior prank.

Denise Dille, ACA teacher and ES said “I think a senior legacy is a[n] act where a student leaves a lasting memory of themselves without creating conflict within the school community or causing property damage.” She went on to say, “Reaching this milestone is very exciting, and celebrating with other seniors is a tradition I think our students should continue.”

Dille brought up the example of a senior legacy in her opinion, was what her son, Justin Dille did. He posted “his picture all over the school.” “He graduated two years ago [but]…the ACA community is [still] reminded of him daily as his pictures seem…[to appear] in the most interesting places,” said Dille.

ES and teacher Erin Holman, commented, “I don’t like the senior prank because it usually adds too much chaos to everything,” “The last week of school, and especially the last day of school, everyone’s already quite amped up and excited, and the senior prank usually just pushes it over the edge for me, and everything feels wild and out of control.”

Holman commented that the worst prank shes ever been through was when the seniors put string and streamers in the ES cubbies. She said it took her 20 minutes to clean all the streamers and string.

“I also noticed that there were many parents and staff members cleaning things up around the school that year, and it bothered me that the kids came through and made the mess, and then didn’t have any of the responsibility for the clean up.” said Holman.


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