Rummage Sale

By Natalie Ramsey

The Charter- 5/21/19

An annual spring rummage sale is one of ACA’s traditions used to raise money for the school, as well as other charities. Families bring in donations and are able to volunteer to help plan, organize, and run the sale.

The rummage was started as a fundraiser by the Parent Action Team. Donations of clothes, books, children’ toys, kitchenware, and furniture are brought in and volunteers sort through and organize them. Each rummage sale typically raises between $800-$1,000, depending on the donated items.

Having the rummage sale each year helps to raise money for resources for the school such as new Chromebooks. “The donated items that we sell directly benefit the students of ACA, and then the leftover items benefit other charities…” says Shamron Cook, who organized this years sale.

A lot of careful planning is put into the spring rummage sale. Arranging the storage space for donations, creating advertisements and school emails, setting up, and arranging for the pick up of leftover items are just a few of the things that go into making the rummage sale possible.

There were many volunteers that helped to put the rummage sale together, as well as many donated items. This year the rummage was successful in raising over eight hundred dollars.


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