HOOPS Basketball

By Natalie Ramsey

The Charter- 5/21/19

HOOPS is a homeschool basketball league that many students of Alliance Charter Academy take part in.

Before each game the two opposing teams gather together to pray.

Teams practice in Oregon City and Molalla, with games held at Clackamas Community College campus in Oregon City. HOOPS provides a Christian learning environment for improving and building skills and sportsmanship.

HOOPS is run by dedicated volunteers: coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, paper/electronic scorekeepers, referees, and game coordinators.

Registration typically opens in early November and the season is during the winter/early spring months. There are three age groups and teams. Ages 7-9 is co-ed, and ages 10-14 and 14-18 are separated into boys and girls.

ACA student, Sarah Graf, shares her experience with HOOPS: “It is also a great social experience, not only are the practices fun, the games are really fun. For me HOOPS has taught me teamwork.”


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