School Counselor Leaving ACA

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter News – 5/15/2019

Recording of story read by Constantine Shulikov

ACA’s school counselor, Maryann Remburgs, is leaving and won’t be our counselor anymore next year. “It has been really awesome being here at ACA, and I really loved the people. The people here are really fabulous, so that’s why it was such a hard decision to leave,” said Remsburg.

After Mark Silverman passed away, Remsburg knew someone needed to take over quickly. At that point she wasn’t making a long term commitment. She didn’t know if this was going to be long term or not because she and her husband own a business. Remsburg has written a book before and she wants to continue writing. She also has four children. Being a counselor on top of all of that would be too much. “I am going to try to do well with our business, do well with my kids and I just didn’t think I could do all of those things well, I’d be too stressed out,” said Remsburg.

ACA is looking for a full time replacement and has put the positions out for the house candidates.

After asking Natasha Fedosov what she thinks about Remsburg leaving our school, she said, “Truth be told, I love Maryann, so seeing her leave hurts, my heart feels crushed to see such an amazing counselor leave our school. Maryann will leave to help way more people, to see her go do her dream will make things better.”

“Maryann always was ready to listen, open to opinions, and willing to give advice. She loved going on walks, playing sports, and talking about different family trips and adventure,” Natasha adds.

Remsburg has been a school counselor for a while. “I started as a teacher first and that was about twenty years ago and then I‘ve been a school counselor now for the last nine years of that,” she said.

Remsburg said she might consider coming back to be counselor depending on how her business goes. “If the business really takes off and it can be what we do full time then I probably wouldn’t, at least not in the near future. But if the business, you know, isn’t able to be full time then, yup, you know I might consider it.

“I believe you guys will get somebody, they’re looking for somebody that will be really great and you’ll have somebody great here. I hope they’ll enjoy you guys as much as I did,” said Remsburg.


Remsburg, Maryann. Personal interview. May 8th, 2019.

Fedosov, Natasha. Personal interview. May 15, 2019.

*Photo taken by Maryann Remsburg